Kaamulan Festival 2012 in Malaybalay Bukidnon

Philippines is popular as one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the World. The natural beauty and unparallel hospitality are major factors, which have helped to increase the visitor traffic to this wonderful country. The Malaybalay city in the province of Bukidnon in Mindanao is celebrating a festival every year, which is pretty popular by the name of Kaamulan Festival.

kaamulan festival schedule 2012
Kaamulan Festival 2012 Schedule of Activities

Kaamulan Festival can be better defined as a big gathering of seven tribes in Bukidnon in order to celebrate their cultures and traditions. The seven tribes of Bukidnon are :

• Talaandig
• Higaonon
• Bukidnon
• Manobo
• Tigwahonon
• Matigsalug
• Umayamnon

Kaamulan is derived from the word amul which is a Binukid word, meaning to gather. The purpose of the gathering is actually not one but many including showing harmony between the tribes to the World. Even amidst challenges like the destruction caused by the typhoon Sendong in Bukidnon, the people in the province still celebrate Kaamulan Festival this year, with the entire splendor. The Kaamulan Festival has been going on every year for decades now.

There are many foreign tourists who come every year just to celebrate this festival. The local tourism office in Bukidnon announced that the Kaamulan Festival this year will start on February 16 and there will also be a grand opening celebration on February 24th marking the official beginning of the festival.

Most visitors, who are interested to know the culture in some parts of the Philippines eagerly await one particular event in the whole cultural festival which is– The Street Dancing Parade. The street dancing contingents comes from various places in Bukidnon and include even school-going children. This year’s Kaamulan Street dance competition will be on March 3 according to the official schedule of activities. This year, however the tourism authorities are planning to make it grand with a few additional cultural events.

The most important activities in the 2012 Kaamulan festival include Street Dancing Competition, Ethnic athletic competition, Ethnic mass wedding, Grand convention of the seven tribes of Bukidnon and Governor Alex “Boy” Calingasan Chess Championship. Heres the complete list of activities for this years festival.




Feb 168:00am Capitol Grounds, Malaybalay CityPamukalag ha pamuhat ta Kaamulan (soft opening ritual for the Kaamulan)
Feb 246:00am Malaybalay CityKaamulan ha Pangampu (grand opening of the Kaamulan) with a motorcade and school band paradeFormal opening of the Kaamulan Garden Show, Food Fest, Agri-Fair, Bazaar and Livestock Show
8:00am Mangima Spring Resort, Manolo FortichRegistration for the 4×4 Off-Road Competition
Feb 258:00am Tulugan Area, Capitol Grounds, Malaybalay CityBukidnon Seven Ethnic Groups Convention
Kaamulan Grounds2nd Kaamulan Moto-Trail
Feb 288:00am Tulugan Area, Capitol Grounds, Malaybalay CityA Tribal Wedding
Feb 298:00am Capitol Grounds, Malaybalay CityTribal Olympics of the Seven Ethnic Groups
6:00pm Capitol Stage, Malaybalay CityA Night of Bukidnon Music, with Bukidnon Artists
Mar 018:00am Grandstand, Malaybalay CityKaamulan Rodeo Opening
Mar 027:00pm Kaamulan Open Theater, Malaybalay CityEvent: Piniliyapan Hu Bukidnon (A Glimpse of Bukidnon)
Mar 037:00am Along Fortich Street, starting at Pine Hills Hotel, Malaybalay City2012 Kaamulan Festival Ethnic Street Dancing Competition
7:00pm Capitol Stage, Malaybalay CityConcert featuring Manila Artists Grand Fireworks Display
Mar 048:00am Capitol Grounds, Malaybalay CityKaamulan Frisbee Tournament Kaamulan Festival Adventure Race
Mar 058:00am Grandstand, Malaybalay CityKaamulan Motorcross Competition
Mar 067:00pm Kaamulan Open Theater, Malaybalay City2012 Bb. Bukidnon (Laga ta Bukidnon) Talent Night
Mar 087:00pm Kaamulan Open Theater, Malaybalay City2012 Bb. Bukidnon (Laga ta Bukidnon) Coronation Night
Mar 095:00am Kaamulan GroundsFun Run
7:00pm Bukidnon State University GymBSU Chorale Concert
Mar 108:00am Capitol Grounds, Malaybalay City95th Foundation Day Program of the Province of Bukidnon

The festival schedule of activities is courtesy of www.bukidnononline.com

The Fortich Street in the city of Malaybalay will be full of spectators at the time of the street dancing competition so be prepared for huge crowd. The Kaamulan Festival banners will be everywhere and watching the festival would definitely be one of the most memorable events in your visit in Bukidnon. Besides the street dance, there will be Agricultural exhibitions, Photo exhibitions and contests, Food festival, Garden shows, Mountain biking competitions, Livestock exhibitions and so on.

The Kaamulan Festival is quite incredible and amusing. Travelers will have a good time with a lot of entertainment and competitions which they can participate in. By the end of the festival, those who got to watch it would have a very good idea about the cultures and traditions of the tribes in Bukidnon and also realize that theres really so much fun in the Philippines.

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