Japan Sakura Season 2016: Cherry Blossoms Forecast and Where to see them

Geisha and blooming Sakura tree

Japan Sakura Season 2016

Spring is the most awaited season in Japan not only for Japanese but also for numerous tourists all over the globe.  This is the best time when Cherry Blossoms or Sakura emerge in full bloom. Sakura is the national flower of Japan. Japan Sakura Season 2016 is expected start on Late March to Mid April even up to early May. And according to the latest forecast of Japan Weather Station, the very warm temperatures expected for the future days will surely hasten the rate of cherry blossoms.

Japan Sakura Season 2016
Japan Sakura Season 2016

Cherry blossoms are widespread in Japan, hence, we provided you here the list of places where to see the cherry blossoms along with its bloom period.

Major Cities to visit for Cherry Blossom viewing in Japan

Tokyo (March 23-April 7)- this is Japan’s full of life capital that showcases two of the cherry blossoms spots, namely:

  1. Ueno Park – one of the most popular cherry blossom sites that includes over 1,000 trees that are best viewed during evenings because the trees are lit up at these times
  2. Shinjuku Gyoen Garden – designated first as an imperial garden and later became a national garden. Fun fact 101, the cherry trees in Shinjuku set out since the Meiji Era (1868-1912)
Cherry Blossoms in Osaka
Cherry Blossoms in Osaka – Japan Sakura Season 2016

Osaka (March 26-April 9)

  1. Japan Mint – this where a 560-meter passage is launch to the public for one week starting from the South Gate (Tenma-bashi side) to North Gate (Sakura-bashi side). What made it more famous is that it provides 120 different varieties of the total 370 existing varieties of cherry trees.
  2. Kema Sakuranomiya Park- this includes an impressive number 5,000 cherry trees
  3. Osaka Castle
  4. Expo 70 Commemorative Park
Cherry Blossoming in Kyoto
Cherry Blossoming in Kyoto Photo credit: BONGURI via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Kyoto (March 26-April 9) – this is Japan’s ethnic city

  1. Maruyama Park – oldest park in Kyoto where huge cherry trees are best viewed at night
  2. Philosopher’s Path – the best way to enjoy this is by taking a walk on a pathway from Ginkaku-ji Temple to Wakaoji-jinja Shrine, the pathway allows you to view both sides of the river path. Moreover, it became more beautiful when the petals of cherry blossoms float on the water.
  3. Daigo-Ji Temple – became famous being in the World Cultural Heritage Site having a boundary of 660 hectares comprising of cherry blossoms designed by Hideyoshi in the spring of 1598.
Cherry Blossoming in Kyoto
Cherry Blossoming in Kyoto

Nagoya (March 23-April 7)

  1. Nagoya Castle – this one of the greatest castles in Japan that put on show for many somei yoshino trees and few number of rare varieties of cherry blossom trees around the pleasant park and around the moats of the castle
Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo
Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

Fukuoka (March 23-April 8)

  1. Fukuoka Castle Ruins at Maizuru Park – this is the place where cherry blossom festival of Fukouka is held including over 1,000 cherry blossom trees that cast a pink glow on the castle ruins

Moreover, there are also other places where cherry blossoms are best viewed. That is why, I provide you table that will serve as a guide.

LocationCherry Bloom periodFamous cherry blossom spots
HakodateApril 29 – May 9Goryokaku Fort Park
HirosakiApril 20 – May 2Hirosaki Castle Park
NaraMarch 26 – April 9Mt. Yoshino and Nara Park
HiroshimaMarch 27 – April 10Senkoji Park
NagsakiMarch 26 – April 8Omura Park and Peace Park
KumamotoMarch 25 – April 9Kumamoto Castle

 Japan Sakura Season 2016 is indeed a magical season by just watching the cherry blossoms; one can surely experience the calmness in life. Remember, the dates given are just estimates for cherry bloom periods provided by the Japan Weather Station it means it may still change and vary from time to time.

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