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LOOK: Coca-Cola Japan Introduces Coca-Cola Clear

Coca-Cola Japan introduces Coca-Cola Clear. [Image Credit: Coca-Cola Japan / Instagram]

Coca-Cola is Releasing a Zero Calorie Coke Clear in Japan

What are the things that remind you of the ‘90s? Wearing elephant pants, girls using butterfly and glittered accessories, and watching kids shows and Power Rangers? Can you still remember the popular artists and boy bands of the ‘90s too?

As the saying goes, what goes around, comes around. We can see a lot of popular items of the ‘90s coming back. From fashion to TV shows, a lot of people are happy to see the revival of the old times.

If you need further evidence that the ‘90s are back, you might want to check Coca-Cola’s newest addition — or we say comeback: The clear cola!

Coca Cola Clear
From Tab Clear, Coca-Cola Japan introduces Coca-Cola Clear. [Image Credit: ganboumazesoba / Twitter]
During 1992, Coke’s eternal rival, Pepsi, introduced their Crystal Pepsi: A beverage with the taste of Pepsi but looks like sparkling water. Coca-Cola jumped into the bandwagon and created Tab Clear but after some time, both drinks turned into dust.

A few years after the introduction of the drinks, Coca-Cola stepped back into their clear cola game and created Coco-Cola Clear, which was scheduled to be released in Japan on June 11.

Coca-Cola Clear
Coca-Cola Clear was carefully manufactured by Coca-Cola Japan to ensure the ultimate taste. [Image Credit: Coca Cola Japan]
According to Kotaku, Coca-Cola Japan had tested more than 50 sample recipes and settled on a clear zero-calorie version with caramel flavor, instead of a hint of lemon.

This is not the only fun drink that Coca-Cola Japan introduced. Last April, the company also unveiled their peach-flavored soft drink as well as their first-ever slushy. These new frozen drinks come in a resealable pouch and are available in Frozen Lemon, Fanta Orange, and Fanta Grape Soda. You can enjoy the drink frozen or unfrozen — and the consistency is up to you. Just massage the pack and enjoy it, especially during hot summer afternoons.

Clear Coke

Fans of the brand would have to buy it from Japan to enjoy it. [Image Credit: Coca-Cola Japan]
Unfortunately for Coca-Cola enthusiasts, there is still no confirmation whether other countries will get to taste Coke Clear.

Given the chance, do you want to try Coca-Cola Clear and other cool drinks from Coca-Cola Japan?

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