Island Chicken Inasal : Sooo Pinoy Food Trip na Pilipinas!

March 15, 2012 – Sooo Pinoy Food Tour Day 4 in Boracay – Previous Post : Smoke Resto Boracay.

After our huge breakfast at Smoke Resto, I invited some of the participants to visit Jonah’s Shake since most of us are craving for it since Day one. I had my favorite Mango Banana Shake while the others had Choco Banana Fruit Shake – Jonah’s Fruit Shake bestseller. I was surprised they are back in their original beach front bar, they were gone for quite sometime and had their bar temporarily in the main road.

Authentic Chicken Inasal
Authentic Chicken Inasal

After fulfilling our Johah’s Shake craving, we headed to D’mall area for our next stop – Island Chicken Inasal. Its not my first time dining in this restaurant, We had a Crispy Pata breakfast there with a friend and a fellow travel blogger Nina back in 2009.

The restaurant was not prepared for our arrival that’s why it took a while before they served our food or maybe they are not really prepared for a huge crowd. To make it fair to the restaurant staff, hmmm I guess they just want to serve it fresh from the grill 🙂 Waiting for the food actually made me more excited to try the “Real Inasal” coz I’m sick and tired of eating inasal-wannabe from a food chain in Manila. I guess you no longer need a clue:)

Kansi Soup
Kansi Soup

Few minutes after, the food was served. Our table was full of Chicken Inasal, Kansi and Apan-apan – an ilonggo dish made from kangkong leaves usually boiled in kalamansi juice and water then sauteed with garlic, tomatoes and red onions.

I must admit, I immediately became a fan of their Kansi. I first tried Kansi in other restaurants we visited in Iloilo but Island Chicken Inasal is the best version for me. If in case you are not familiar with Kansi – it is Ilonggo’s version of Bulalo much like Pochero of Cebu but Kansi has tamarind broth, fish sauce and chili which made the dish somehow different from Bulalo.

Island Chicken Inasal Boracay
Island Chicken Inasal Boracay

After the Apan-apan apetizer and Kansi soup, I finally had my plate of Chicken Inasal. How was it? It’s really really good! I enjoyed it too much that I had to eat the extra chicken on the center table. I also enjoyed their specialty beverage – a tall glass of refreshing Calamansi Shake.

Gelato Spaghetti boracay
Aria’s Gelato Spaghetti

Since the people from Unilever Food Solutions advised that we will meet in our next food stop after an hour, I accepted the invitation of Amanda ( a lifestyle blogger and a contributor of Boracay Sun ) to tryout Aria’s Gelato Spaghetti since she will be featuring it in her column. I like the presentation of the Gelato Spaghetti but we had to eat it fast due to the humid weather it might turned to into spaghetti sauce LOL:) Thanks Amanda for the wonderful treat:)

Thank you Unilever Food Solutions for letting me discover Boracay and its flavorgasmic offerings! Let us all support the Sooo Pinoy Campaign! To know more about the Sooo Pinoy campaign, food lovers are invited to like the Sooo Pinoy page on Facebook or follow @SoooPinoy on Twitter.

Island Chicken Inasal
U-112 Ph IV D’Mall Boracay
Balabag, Malay Aklan
Tel : (036) 288-5946
  1. Micamyx|Senyorita says

    That’s it! I’m going in this place on Thursday hehe. So far yung Kansi pa lang ng JT’s Inasal ang natitikman ko. You had me at best kansi =))

    1. melo says

      @Mica – hahaha natawa naman ako sa comment mo.. but yeah go there and try Kamsi and their Calamansi Shake:)

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