Online Shopping: iRegalo launches health packages for overseas Filipinos

iRegalo launches health packages

iRegalo launches health packages for overseas Filipinos

Working abroad is not that easy. It’s really a sacrifice for many OFWs being away from their loved ones just to give them a brighter future. You work hard just to give them what they need or maybe what can satisfy them – material things. But now, try to allocate your earnings on much greater benefits like health care services for your families. With the emergence of iRegalo, truly it will be a big help to many of our kababayans abroad as well as to their families here in the country.

iRegalo Online Shopping
iRegalo Online Shopping

By means of iRegalo – a recent e-commerce player it sends off a service prioritizing Filipinos working abroad with one of a kind blessing bundles. It gathers far-reaching health care services programs that guarantee our kababayans their income are truly spent on their family’s particular medical assistance. Truly, it is a leap forward in giving convenience and choice, contrasted with what is as of now accessible in the business sector. It is the better approach for guaranteeing your family’s welfare regardless of being a long way from them.

Health as a gift

Simply, iRegalo’s health care services provide the basic medical needs. Here includes, keeping your family’s teeth and gums healthier all year round. Also, it gives consultation with an authorized optometrist including a pair of glasses superbly fitting the necessities of the patient.

iRegalo launches health packages
iRegalo launches health packages

Has Lola not been heading off to the doctor? With iRegalo General Medical Exam (GME) bundles, she could have her regular medical check-up at any of the 350+ iRegalo accomplice facilities across the country.

iRegalo will keep on including services, guaranteeing that their families in the Philippines get the health services they need.

“We are excited to introduce this new way of sending gifts, something that was not easy to do, nor even available online before,” said Martin Nery, iRegalo President.
“This is the first time that a gift service offers terrific health care choices for the overseas Filipino,” he added.

Built-in Security

Nowadays scam, fraud, and related cyber crimes, are emerging so iRegalo has found a way to secure the whole process, by means of encryption that has been evaluated A+ by Qualys SSL Labs, an autonomous testing administration.

“We made sure that not only are our packages compelling but that the entire process is worry-free,” said Gilbert Paras, iRegalo CFO.

Additionally, iRegalo acknowledges the accompanying secure payment and installment options to be specific:

  • PayPal
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • UnionPay
  • American Express
  • Discover Network

Market is incredibly enormous

The BSP appraises more than 10 million Filipinos work abroad and send home 2 billion dollars consistently. Since iRegalo channels settlement cash specifically to particular products and services that in need of the families, it can possibly drive the business sector with another method for sending endowments.

More choices coming soon

iRegalo might open up altogether new classifications in the coming months while keeping on including more medical services bundles.

“We are big believers in providing choice and convenience,” said Andrew Fernandez, iRegalo Head of Product. “Tell us what your family needs, and we will try to bring that to iRegalo. We are collaborating with many potential merchants that have unique values to offer,” he added.

About iRegalo

iRegalo is a start-up drove by telecom and customer items specialists. It offers control and comfort to the online Filipino settlement market.

iRegalo gives Filipinos working far from home an effortless method for accommodating needs of their families

With only a couple clicks, Filipinos can send health services bundles to family and friends any point in the Philippines. These bundles are respected at several therapeutic, dental and optical facilities across the country. With iRegalo, you can likewise send blossoms and the most recent cell phones (smartphones) and portable workstations, as well.

Soon, iRegalo users will be able to send gifts from participating supermarkets and other merchant types all over the country.

Before long, iRegalo clients will have the capacity to send blessings from supermarkets and other dealer sorts everywhere throughout the nation.