Travel Gadgets: iBattz BattStation Tough Dual Pro Battery Pack

As a traveler, I love discovering and exploring road less traveled destinations but I must admit, even though I want to be in quiet places most of the time, I still cant afford leaving without my gadgets. I’m constantly on the move and one of the major challenges I have is to keep my devices alive. Smartphones, Pocket Wifi’s and my Ipad are my travel partners and I feel helpless each time I ran out of battery.

iBattz BattStation Tough Dual Pro Battery Pack
iBattz BattStation Tough Dual Pro Battery Pack

iBattz, a company having expertise in providing power solutions which are innovative and intelligent, has come up with the perfect solution for my needs so i can travel without worries. iBattz Battstation Tough Dual Pro battery pack is the latest product from the company which will give you sufficient power for your mobile phones and other gadgets.

The small, external battery pack has a rugged and water resistant surface and serves as a power bank for intelligent mobile devices like iPod, iPad mini and so on. iBattz Battstation Tough Dual Pro should have no issues braving the wild with its silicone coated body which can withstand impacts on drops as well as splashes of water. The ports are also sealed. The battery pack is equipped with an LED flashlight which serves as a torch light. iBattz Battstation Tough Dual Pro becomes your ideal partner for travel and emergency use with its tough exterior which can survive otherwise damaging impact.

iBattz BattStation Tough Dual Pro
iBattz BattStation Tough Dual Pro

The battery pack is available in two different configurations varying in the battery capacity. One has a 7200 mAh battery inside it while the other has an 8400 mAh one inside. Both these configurations have dual USB outputs which can facilitate the charging of two devices simultaneously. The input power specifications of the battery pack is 5V DC, 1 A with the output specifications being 5V DC, 1 A and 5 DC, 50 mA from the two output ports. The battery pack uses Lithium-Ion battery cells.

iBattz BattStation Battery Pack
iBattz BattStation Battery Pack

The entire battery pack has the dimensions 110 x 69 x 22.5 mm with the 7200 mAh capacity battery pack weighing 180 g and 8400 mAh battery case weighing 210 g. iBattz Battstation Tough Dual Pro is available with a limited warranty period of 1 year. The 7200 mAh capacity battery pack is priced at $29.90 while the larger capacity one sells at $39.90. The only inconvenience that the user might have to face is that he might have to carry the battery pack’s micro-USB charger with him while travelling, which might prove to be a bit bothersome.

iBattz Battstation Tough Dual Pro external battery is the perfect way for you to stay connected to the world when you are on the go. It helps your devices ad gadgets to tide over electrical outages giving it the necessary ‘juice’ to keep it going. With iBattz Battstation Tough Dual Pro, you can now stay connected to friends, family and access unlimited information wherever you are. The immediate power and quick charging ability of the battery pack makes it stand a class apart, making it another in the line of innovative products that iBattz has come up with.


8,400mAH = Php 2,550
7,200mAH = Php 2,150


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  1. Jennifer says

    You’re right, this really could come in handy, especially for travelers who are always on the go. Just a bit of the downer that the charger has to be brought, but of course, that’s how it goes. Just be thankful for little blessings ;p

    1. Melo Villareal says

      these mobile power banks are really helpful for me since I always drain my mobile phone battery due to high 3g / LTE usage:)

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