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Human by Nature: The Magnificence of Kerala

Inside a boathouse in Kerala

It is easy to lose ourselves in the drift of everyday life. Life seems to be full of disruptions and sharp edges: the bustle of the city, the harsh noise of traffic, the stress brought upon by work, the mass media that we have no choice but to consume. In this light, life is dull and gray, slowly fading away.

Inside a boathouse in Kerala
Inside a boathouse in Kerala

In a land baptized as God’s Own Country, life runs in the opposite direction: it is magnificent, vibrant and awakening.

Life in Kerala is dynamic and beautiful. It is a land where humans are one with earth; the energy running through the tectonic plates, the wind that carries the secrets of the forest, the energy that flows through your very veins—they are one and the same.

The Magnificence of Kerala: Human

They are diverse.

While Kerala is naturally beautiful with stunning views and breathtaking scenes, the true highlight of Kerala is in its people.

The human part of Kerala is made up of a very diverse group. This is all thanks to Kerala’s rich and entrancing history as a land of seafaring and trade. This makes it a melting pot of different cultures, believes, and values that are evidenced in modern Kerala people.

Humans of Kerala
Humans of Kerala

There are people from different walks of life and different masteries: talented artists, strong athletes to aspiring children. You have the opportunity to meet all of these people and encounter them as they go about their daily lives. You may even hear the wonderful stories and life experiences that they have acquired.

They are warm.

In other tourist destinations that are similar to geography and history to Kerala, locals are very much involved in tourism. They even make and find job opportunities that thrive off the tourism industry.

In contrast to this, Kerala locals are more concerned about their daily lives than they are concerned of tourism. This makes it so that you may encounter them living their normal lives, instead of being engaged in the tourism industry. And Kerala life is absolutely beautiful and worth marveling at. Because of this, they are naturally warm and accommodating.

Cultural Performers in Kerala
Cultural Performers in Kerala

Prejudice against tourists is unheard of. What is well known is their warm welcome to tourists. They are accommodating to requests and are open to teaching and demonstrating to tourists. Tea plantation workers are genuine in showing the tea picking process to curious travelers. Locals will join you having fun by the beach.

These are pure people. They are not prejudiced in the same way the rest of the world is. They are genuinely welcoming to tourists. They value simplicity, indulgence, and strength—and these are all practiced in everyday Kerala life.

The Magnificence of Kerala: Nature

It is beautiful.

There are no other perfect words to describe the Kerala landscape. It is breathtaking, beautiful, magnificent, stunning and all other beautiful adjectives that exist in the dictionary.

Munnar in Kerala by Mohamed Jasir via unsplash
Munnar in Kerala by Mohamed Jasir via unsplash

The seas are still and blue against the clear horizons. The jungles are lush and vibrant. The wind sways warmly by the canals. The breeze moves the grass towards the North. It is an island paradise.

It is calm.

The nature component of Kerala is calm. Despite being a tourist destination, the overall ambience is not suffocating like traffic. It is easy to lose yourself with this environment that the label of “tourist” is easily forgotten.

Sunset in Kerala
Sunset in Kerala

However, it is not the calm that is so still it’s essentially rendered as monotonous. It is a lively type of calm, as you are ushered and welcomed by the locals with warm smiles and welcoming hugs. Festivals and traditions are also celebrated on a regular basis.

The Magnificence of Kerala: Human and Nature

While as separate components, the people and nature are naturally astounding on their own, the true beauty of Kerala lies at the intersection of humans and nature. This beautiful coexistence truly makes Kerala a paradise on Earth.

Picking Tea in Munnar Kerala by Stefano Ravalli via Flickr
Picking Tea in Munnar Kerala by Stefano Ravalli via Flickr

Men brave the roaring seas. Conversations are caught adrift. Idle chatter is echoed through the canals. Gods walk through the earth. Men reach for the heavens. Nature is respected and celebrated. Strength and aspiration is in every child’s eyes.

This convergence of humanity and nature awakes the basic instinct of every human: the instinct to be brave, the instinct to be strong, and the instinct to hope.

This is truly amazing to witness in person. It will certainly touch and awaken your soul.

Human by Nature: Kerala Tourism Campaign

This unique and strikingly beautiful way of life is the focus of Kerala’s latest global tourism campaign—Human by Nature.

Human by Nature is the collection of stories of tourists who have previously visited Kerala and have witnessed the intersection of human life and nature—they call it the “human-scape”, feeble but strong humans traversing this vast landscape.

Kerala Backwaters
Kerala Backwaters

The content for this tourism campaign can be read under the #humanbynature hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. This content is meant to be shared as a message to humanity: come and experience the magnificence of Kerala. You may even view their tourism video campaign on YouTube.

And I hope this blog has served its purpose. This is a message to humanity that such a place of beauty exists; that in this world of dullness and sharp edges, humans become humans once again in Kerala.

This article was sponsored by Kerala Tourism. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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