How do you Outsmart the Threats of Commute in Metro Manila – Win Pacsafe Commutasafe 100 Laptop Bag!

First of all lets all Congratulate Ria Jose of for winning Pacsafe TourSafe Wallet in our last months “Why Invest on A wallet to Twart Pickpockets” contest. Are you ready for our next contest? Read this first:)

One of the main problems with traveling to urban places like Manila is the daily commute through the Metro. Yeah, the traffic is terrible and the taxis are abusive but that’s not really what I am talking about. In fact, one of the biggest threat on the daily metro commute in Manila is getting your bag snatched or having someone pick your pocket. Talk to anyone who has traveled in popular Asian cities and they will regale you with dozens of stories about clever thieves who use razors to slice open bags and steal what is inside or use the time tested distract and snatch technique to get away with your goods.

Pacsafe Commutasafe 100
Pacsafe Commutasafe 100

There are numerous ways that you can defeat the threats of commute in Metro Manila. The first is to make sure that you never put anything in your back pockets. Wallets, phones, keys, and other valuables need to be in your front pockets. Next, don’t fall for the easy distractions. Always keep your mind on your valuables. And finally, you can actually tailor your gear to make it impossible for thieves to pull their tricks on you.

There are numerous products available that you can use. Safety wallets, GPS tracked phones, and even thief proof bags. One of these bags which I recommend is the slashproof Pacsafe Cummutasafe 100. This bag is the ultimate defense against bag thieves. Not only does it give you total protection, but it also has a fully padded laptop sleeve so that your computer isn’t at risk.

The shoulder strap cannot be cut. It’s slashproof and if you have to set it down, a built in combination lock allows you to secure your bag to something that won’t move like a light pole, steel fixtures, or a bulldozer, if there happens to be one nearby. Just make sure that it doesn’t drive away.

best laptop bag
One of the best Laptop Bag!

The lower and bottom panels of the bag are slashproof so no one is going to cut open your bag and grab your technology. Plus the shoulder strap is slashproof and snatchproof. It has a tamperproof screw fastening metla nut on one side and a combo lock on the other. The zippers are lockable and can’t be tampered with. The bag also includes tamper proof pockets for your PDA, smartphone, or mp3 player plus a number of smaller pockets for cards, pens, and other small necessities. Sidepoickets offer a convenient place for waterbottles and umbrella.

The bag is comfortable, safe, and offers the essential sleeve for wheeled luggage strap, outer slip pockets, and it looks good. Not to mention, it keeps you from getting ripped off!

So, do yourself a favor. Stop making it easy for crooks to steal your stuff during the Metro-Manila commute. Get a Pacsafe bag or join our contest and get a chance to win Pacsafe Commutasafe 100!

Pacsafe Commutasafe 100 laptop bag

For this month we are giving away Pacsafe Commutasafe 100 – one of the best laptop bag for travel and for everyday use worth Php 5,650.00.

How to Join? Just share a story or your personalexperience and tell us Why you need to invest on a wallet to twart pickpockets?

Get a chance to win a TourSafe Wallet – It has a compartments for a passport, cash, receipts, credit cards and change. With a smart design, i also includes a slashproof chain that provides more security.

Contest Mechanics :

  • – Create a blog post with a topic “How do you Outsmart the Threats of Commute in Metro Manila?” and write about your favorite Pacsafe product.
  • – Each blog entry is required to have/include at least a photo of their (desired) Pacsafe product.
  • – Deadline of submission of blog entries is until November 17, 2010.
  • – Winner will be announced on November 25, 2010.
  • – To submit your entry, post the URL of your blog post / entry in the comment section of this post:)

Other Contest Details / Terms :

  • – Validity of blog entry is only within the month it was entered to.
  • – A blogger can have multiple entries per month.
  • – Blogger must be based in the Philippines.
  • – Blog entries will be evaluated based on content, organization and relevance to the theme.
  • – Blog entry, including accompanying images, must not in any way violate any intellectual property right. By submitting a blog as a contest entry, blogger certifies that it is his or her original work and that the same does not currently exist in any other publication, blog or website.
  • – Once a blogger has been awarded as winner, he or she is no longer eligible to become the winner in the other contest.
  • – The winner of the blog contest would be announced within the following month after the last day of each month in this Blog and Pacsafe Facebook Fan Page.
  • – By participating in the contest, member automatically grants Pacsafe the right to use, copy, adapt, transmit, publish and display submitted entry, whether in whole or in part and this will be applicable worldwide and in perpetuity.
  • – Winning blog entry will have his or her entry also posted/featured at the Pacsafe Philippines Facebook Fan Page ( )

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