Hong Kong City – The Fragrance of Harbor

One doesn’t travel to Hong Kong in order to explore the city, rather to explore himself.

Hong Kong truly represents a modern city with an ancient civilization simply bursting out of its streets and buildings. It is not a surprise that millions of people find it worth exploring since it has been classified as an intersection of cultures. There is something for everyone; numerous festivals, mountain trails and constant live performances. It is a colorful place that never sleeps.

A Symphony of Light in Hong Kong
A Symphony of Light in Hong Kong by Spreng Ben via Flickr

1. Why Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is the only city with both city and state respectively. The nerve centre of china’s administrative serves the entire country in both local and international governing. The city architectural and infrastructure status makes its appearance lucrative and attractive to both local and international visitors. Being the core centre of China’s economic activities, it is here that the first skyscraper was built and this makes Hong Kong one of the most tourist attraction sites.

Morning Monks in Hong Kong
Morning Monks in Hong Kong by Jonathan Kos-Read via Flickr

2. No birth control

Hong Kong is ranked 9th city as the most visited city in the world as per the recently concluded Tour and travel world research released. The unfamiliar thing with Hong Kong is that it makes its own law and the resident here are literate and their English speaking skills is highly advanced hence its easy communicating with people around while visiting this great city. It’s only here that residents are permitted to give birth as many children as they wish to, the lifestyle here is  a bit different from the normal Chinese life that revolves around their customs & cultures and other rules.

Hong Kong From The Peak
Hong Kong From The Peak Harald Kobler via Flickr

3. Hong Kong has laws

The rules in Hong Kong make it the safest and lucrative place to visit for tourists and the locals; it is very comfortable and enjoyable for residents born in 1997.This year will symbolize the entry of the British colony. Any resident born prior to 1997 have an access to open passports and visa, they can travel to any country that is in relations with the Chinese emperor and may require visas for Chinese residents.

Hong Kong Street Market
Hong Kong Street Market by Dhelling01 via Flickr

4. The Great islands

The great city of Hong Kong has a conducive environment with 262 islands in the extreme end of south china, the water and the green vegetation here makes the landscape and the environment cool and healthy. The name Hong Kong simply translates to a fragrant of harbor, the city is surrounding by the famous Victoria Park with the world’s known Victoria Peaks. The Landau island is very popular for having the most beautiful and well-designed airport and the Disneyland which lies opposite the Buddha statue.


At least 12 million tourists per year visits Hong Kong during peak seasons. The city is famous for international goodies and its shoppings.The shopping malls are designed and built to attract customers as per their goods are concerned, it has at least 30 fashion and shopping outlets that attracts international attention e.g. G2000 and other that are known for their gold products. With discounts on their products, up to 70 %.

The malls have the highest hospitality in treating their customers and this makes Hong Kong the 9th Tourist destination in the whole World. In conclusion, Hong Kong makes the china we have today, stand out among the rest of the countries in Asia, Its beauty, the Hills and the great weather makes it the ideal city for summer, winter and autumn visitors’ migration, feel at home.


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