Promate Tag-15 15000 mah Powerbank

Here’s How You Choose the Right Power Bank For Your Travel Gadgets

Travel Gadgets: Here’s How You Choose the Right Power Bank For You

A power bank is now an essential accessory for all gadget owners. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just going to work, a meeting out with friends, or for a long trip to a different city – you will find that having extra juice for your phone is always welcome. With so many power bank choices in the market today however, which one should you get for yourself? Here are some tips on how to proceed:

Promate Tag-9 Silver Powerbank
Promate Tag-9 Silver Powerbank

Check Out Your Gadget

First find out what kind of gadget you have and its battery capacity. Look at the back of the battery or the box of the gadget and find the mAh specification. Your power bank should be as much as your gadget’s amount to guarantee that it will be completely charged when needed. If you have several gadgets with you, factor in their mAh when making your purchase. This is a simple case of adding up the mAh of your gadgets and buying a power bank that fits that total amount.

Promate Tag-6 Silver - Choose the Right Power Bank
Promate Tag-6 Silver – Choose the Right Power Bank

See Your Options

There are numerous power bank options today starting with Promate’s Tag-6 6000 mAh or the Tag-9 9,000 mAh. There’s also a 10,000 mAh power bank of Zenith-10 and Polymax-10. Tag-15 has 15,000 mAh with some power banks offering as much as 20,800 mAh such as those offered in Promate ProVolta-21. Keep in mind that you might need to charge several gadgets such as a mobile phone and a tablet at the same time. Perhaps you also own a smart watch or a Bluetooth speaker. If you want to be 100% sure of your power resources, opt for large capacity mAh power banks like the Promate VolTag-10.

Promate PolyMax-UNI Power Bank
Promate PolyMax-UNI Power Bank

Think Speed and Multiple Charging Capacity

What if your gadgets start to lose their charge at the same time? For multiple gadget users, opt for a power bank with multiple charging ports. This means that you can charge at least two gadgets at the same time so that both will be available quickly and efficiently. Some powerbanks like the ProVolta-21 even has 3 USB ports so you can charge all three gadgets at the same time instead of swapping them with each other.

Promate Tag-15 15000 mah Powerbank
Promate Tag-15 15000 mah Powerbank

Consider Voltage Regulation

Ideally, the charging speed should also be quick so that your phone’s battery goes from 10% to 30% in a matter of minutes. This is crucial especially if you want to be able to use your phone quickly. Look for a power bank that has an automatic voltage regulation capacity, therefore adjusting its voltage depending on the gadget attached. This is important since the wrong voltage or manner or transferring power from the power bank to your device can actually cause damage to your phone. Basically, aim for a powerbank with sufficient voltage control while still providing speedy charging.

Consider the Size and Weight

A lithium polymer power bank like that of the Promate Voltag 10 is often a good choice because they’re small and light weight. This makes them incredibly easy to keep in your bag and bring with you to any of your travels. When checking out design, also think about the material used for the body. Ideally, it should be of ABS type that is fire proof.

Promate Zenith-10 Silver Power Bank
Promate Zenith-10 Silver Power Bank

Think Design

Of course, don’t forget to consider the power bank’s exterior look. For the most part, these items are rectangular in shape, slim, and available in different colors like white, blue, pink, and black. Some even come with character designs to complement your personal style. Just choose a power bank that best appeals to you or one you find unique and easily remembered. All power banks come with the necessary connector to connect it with your gadget for charging purposes.

Check out the Connector Options

Keep in mind that Android and Apple charging ports are different from each other. So what if you own an Apple and at the same time have an Android product? Ideally, the power bank should have both types of connectors so that you can charge both units without any problems. The ProMate PolyMAX-Uni approaches this problem by having replaceable Lightning Connector, Type-C cables and Micro-USB so you can essentially swap and switch, depending on which of your gadgets need charging.

More than Gadgets – Heavy Duty Powerbanks

Mobile phones and tablets aren’t the only items that can run on powerbanks. There are also 60,000 mAH powerbanks from Promate that can be used for heavy duty needs. Imaging an outdoor trip where you’ll be bringing small appliances or perhaps you’re having some frequent power outages in your home. A 60,000 mAH powerbank acts like an emergency power station that gives you sufficient power to keep the essentials working. While you can’t trust it to run your refrigerator, the 200w inverter lets you charge laptops and keep the television running.

Promate Tag-6 Blue Power Bank
Promate Tag-6 Blue Power Bank

Be Wary of the Seller

Buying a respectable powerbank brand is always the better option – but are you buying it from a reputable seller? Make sure you’re only buying from approved sellers to guarantee the legitimacy of the product. Promate Powerbanks sell through Lazada, Abacus, National Bookstore, Silicon Valley, and Eletroworl & Abenson. Buying from these outlets guarantees not just quality but also 1 year replacement warranty from the manufacturer.

Promate Powerbank Prices

TAG-15PHP 1,995
TAG-9PHP 1,495
TAG-6PHP 895

Promate Technologies (Facebook Page) offers not just power banks but also various portable power solutions for your car, power cases, laptop charger, adaptors for travel, home chargers, and many more. You can check out any of their official stores at SM North EDSA Annex, Cebu Robinsons Ermita, SM Clar, Ayala Cebu or visit them through

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