Grosvenor G Casino Restaurant Review

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If you are interested in exploring the world of casino games, but don’t know poker chips from oven ones, then the Grosvenor G Casino restaurant could be just the ticket. Alongside the excellent dining on offer at this London casino restaurant, there is also the offer of free lessons in poker, baccarat, blackjack and other popular casino games.

Pizza at Grosvenor G Casino Restaurant
Pizza at Grosvenor G Casino Restaurant

This makes it more or less unique amongst these kinds of restaurants, but this is no gimmick designed to cover up the sub standard quality of the food – because the Grosvenor G offers great eating at reasonable prices.

The restaurant is located to the left as you enter the casino complex via an electronic entrance, and the first thing you will notice is the kitchen area – which is very large and very modern looking and glossy. When it comes to the actual restaurant itself, the menu divides up into large plates, small plates and grill platters, with some meals on offer all day, every day.

Amongst the recommended starters would be the asparagus and pea ravioli and the salmon and prawn crown, which – like many of the desserts – is less than five pounds. Indeed, one of the real bonuses of this restaurant is that you do not need to be a casino high roller to eat here – as everything is quite affordable.

The fillet steak is an excellent selection for the main meal, and again is reasonably priced at just less than twenty pounds with chips (the edible kind). There are plenty of dessert selections, but for chocolate lovers, it will be hard to resist the lure of the Hot and Chocolate Cold Duo – which is like hitting the chocolate jackpot.

Another great thing about the Grosvenor G is that dining there earns you Play Points that can be exchanged either for food and drinks or for casino chips. Thus, once you have taken the lessons in blackjack or poker after your meal, you just might be ready to take on a dealer with the Points you’ve earned.