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Gadget Review: JOYROOM D-QP181 Fast-Charge 10000mAh Power Bank

Heavy-duty powerbank must-have for 2020

JOYROOM D-QP181 D-QP181 PD fast charge power bank

As a traveler who visits different provinces and countries from time to time, one of the things I can’t live without is my power bank. However, because of the multiple devices I bring during my trips, it made me realized that I needed something convenient, long-lasting and compliant with airborne standards.

Joyroom D-QP181 Power Delivery Fast Charge 10000mAh
Joyroom D-QP181 Power Delivery Fast Charge 10000mAh

Recently, I just found the perfect power bank that suits all my needs – the D-QP181 18W Two-Way PD from one of my favorite brands, Joyroom.

This brand is known for developing quality and high-end mobile accessories to electronic products since 2009, so there’s no doubt that their latest power bank would exceed all my expectations.

To know more about this latest discovery, read along!

What’s Inside the Box

The JOYROOM D-QP181 18W Two-Way PD came with a user manual and an extra cable. Upon opening the packaging, some of the features it highlights include direct boarding which means that the device is safe to a board and compliant with airborne standards. It also has a fireproof casing material and is built-in with a safety and protection circuits to skip the hazards from overcharging and short circuits.

D-QP181 PD fast charge power bank - JOYROOM
D-QP181 PD fast charge power bank – JOYROOM

As for its external features, the body is said to be made of fire-resistant cover, with a smart chip and has a ceramic diaphragm cell for a longer life cycle. It has two Type-A USB ports and one Type-C port that can also be used to charge the power bank.

It also has 4 LED lights for the power display. 4 lights that 100% battery, 3 lights for 75%, 2 lights for 50%, and 1 light for 25.

Review: JOYROOM D-QP181 10,000 mAh POWERBANK
Review: JOYROOM D-QP181 10,000 mAh POWERBANK


This power bank from Joyroom is named as one of the safest power banks in the market today. It packs a 10,000 mAh battery, with 18W high power PD bidirectional fast. I tried charging two different phones at the same time and may I say that this power bank charges fast and looks sturdy as well.

More detailed features:

  • Fire Rating VO, Fireproof casing material
  • 600 battery cycles, 3 times the life span of a normal power bank
  • Charge three devices simultaneously
  • With LED lights that show battery power
  • Built-in protection from overcharging
  • 195g
JOYROOM D-QP181 safe power bank
JOYROOM D-QP181 safe power bank

Where to Buy

The JOYROOM D-QP181 Fast-Charge 10000mAh Power Bank is compact, fast-charging, durable, and works better than any type of power bank I have right now. It’s currently priced at PHP 1,990 but is currently on sale for only PHP 1,490 at Digital Walker branches and Lazada.

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