McDonald's Angry Birds Desserts
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Flavor and chill your summer with McDonald’s Angry Birds Desserts

Summer with McDonald’s Angry Birds Desserts

No wonder a lot of you are Angry Birds fan, aren’t you? This is the best time now for you guys since the amazingly and fantastic video game is becoming animated in McDonald’s!

Bomb's Black Sesame McDip
Bomb’s Black Sesame McDip

Get chilled, cooled and zing your exclusive summer experience as McDonald’s reveals its Angry Bird Desserts on April 25. With this limited-time only Angry Birds franchise, this will  now spice up and allow the audience to enjoy more the upcoming Angry Birds Movie.
All in all, there will be three feverishly fun treats available for order to quench your sweet appetite and get chilled this summer.

Additionally, you can go for a McFlurry which now comes in two new flavors. You can try Red’s Cotton Candy McFiurry which now comes with creamy vanilla soft-served ice cream sprinkled with Cotton Candy-flavored syrup and crispy wafer bits. Of course don’t forget the classic McFlurry with Oreo which now comes with Piggies’s Oreo Matcha McFlurry. Obviously, this is presented with fun vanilla soft serve spread with crushed Oreo and velvet Matcha Green Tea-flavored bits.

Piggies' Oreo Matcha McFlurry
Piggies’ Oreo Matcha McFlurry

Ops! It’s not over yet, McDonalds also shows off its new Mini McFlurry available in Dessert Centers. You can choose among the flavors of McFlurry with Oreo, Cotton Candy McFlurry, and Matcha McFlurry.

Red's Cotton Candy McFlurry
Red’s Cotton Candy McFlurry

For those who love McDip, enjoy the new treats in the form of Bomb’s Black Sesame McDip which comes with creamy Black Sesame-flavored glaze on moist vanilla soft serve. Surely, you’ll ask more of this after you’ve tasted it.

Be guided since these McDonald’s Angry Birds Desserts are only available for a limited time in all participating McDonald branches and Dessert Centers all over the country.

McDonald's Angry Birds Desserts
McDonald’s Angry Birds Desserts

So far enjoying the desserts? That doesn’t stop there! Share your furiously fun Angry Birds Desserts moments on McDonald’s Facebook page @, or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter or Instagram.

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