Experience the Magic of Western Visayas in the newly launched Philippine coffee table book

The Western Visayas regional office of Department of Tourism recently released a travel inspired coffee table book titled “Experience the Magic of Western Visayas in the Philippines” showcasing the various travel destinations in the region.

The said coffee table book is up for “distribution to international markets, local travel agents, tour operators and embassies so that they will have an idea of what Western Visayas is all about.”

Boracay Philippines
Boracay Island

The publication introduces, among others, heritage houses or the world heritage site in Iloilo, outdoor sports, local cuisine and other delicacies and exotic fabrics.

They initially printed 3,000 copies and around 500 copies were already distributed to fifferent markets.

The Western Visayas regional tourism office spent about less than half-a-million for the printing of the said coffee table book.

  1. L-Tyrosine : says

    the coffee tables that we have at home are topped with a thick stained glass which adds more elegance to its looks.’;

  2. Boracay says

    i prefer wooden coffee tables.. simple but unique designs.. 🙂

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