Experience Super Fast #SmartBroLTE in Davao City

SmartBro LTE Pocket Wifi photo by Gadget Pilipinas

Super Fast #SmartBroLTE in Davao City

Recently, I went to Davao City to attend the official Media Lunch of AirAsia Davao Flights to Clark, Cebu, Palawan and Boracay. Coincidentally, a lot of my tech blogger friends were there too. And they also personally experienced what I’m about to tell you.

My Speedtest at Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City
My Speedtest at Marco Polo Hotel in Davao City

SMART had new network improvements in Metro Davao. One distinct change that my friends and I noticed was the improvement of subscribers LTE coverage.

During my stay in Davao, I was getting more impressed over time with the noticeable improvement of the speed of SMART LTE. With all my pending IOS app updates on my phone, I decided to test this speed out. Would you believe that I was able to completely update 18 IOS apps around 5 minutes or less? And I was even able to save money on phone calls. The speed was so fast that I relied on using Facebook Free Video Call Service because of its interruption-free signal.

On with my trip, I took a lot of pictures along the way. And uploading photos on Instagram was no problem for me too. May it be single or multiple photos, they’re completely uploaded in no time and this experience was almost everywhere I go in Davao City.

Average Network Stats from OpenSignal as posted by Gadget Pilipinas
Average Network Stats from OpenSignal as posted by Gadget Pilipinas

In my spare time, I like to go on Youtube to watch videos of shows, vlogs, etc. And this was also an easy process for me in Davao. Rarely do I get the chance to watch a Youtube video without having to wait for it to buffer. But with SMART’s LTE, I experienced watching a video with no buffers.

Smart LTE Speedtest in Davao courtesy of Pinoy Tech Blog
Smart LTE Speedtest in Davao courtesy of Pinoy Tech Blog

There were field tests conducted by SMART. And the results are as follows:

  1. 98% of Metro Davao is now covered and reached by SMART’s LTE outdoor coverage, matching the outdoor coverage of its 3G service.
  2. From 11%, 66% of Metro Davao area is now covered by SMART’s LTE indoor coverage. Which actually means the increase was not only doubled or tripled, but it has increased six times.
  3. Average download speeds of SMART’s 3G service increased nearly 6 times to 6 Mbps, while LTE speeds increased more than 4x to over 17 Mbps.

SMART was able to significantly increase the coverage and capacity of their connection in Metro Davao by boosting the number of LTE and 3G base stations.  Their LTE base stations in particular were tripled.

My stay in Davao was actually more enjoyable thanks to #SmartBroLTE. I can also imagine how other travel bloggers, such as myself, would enjoy this big improvement. Imagine getting to give quick updates to your readers during your actual trip or giving them a glimpse of the trip itself by posting pictures through the fast speed internet. It gave me a quick and hopeful glimpse of the promising future of internet here in the Philippines. After all, we all deserve a #BetterInternet.

SmartBro LTE Pocket Wifi photo by Gadget Pilipinas
SmartBro LTE Pocket Wifi photo by Gadget Pilipinas

This service upgrade will benefit all Davao-based digital nomads and SMART subscribers who are frequently traveling to Davao like me.

If you are based in Davao, and you want to experience the Super Fast #SmartBroLTE, you can easily grab a SMART Pocket WiFi from any authorized distributor or at SMART Center for only P1,495.00!

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