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Experience Soulful Retreats In These Waikato Wellness Spots

5 Soulful Waikato Wellness Spots And Their Locations 

The Filipino life is indeed a hectic and stressful one; it’s full of ups and downs that sometimes, it takes a toll on the well-being. The traffic is also frustrating so there are times when a Pinoy just wants to flee the city for a while and experience a quiet and rejuvenating retreat for the mind, body, and soul.

At the edge of New Zealand’s Waikato region is the Waikato River and the idyllic countryside has the magic to refresh, replenish, and give a unique peace of mind that no other place can.

Te Atawhai Wellness Spots
Te Atawhai Wellness Spots

Te Atawhai

Te Atawhai is situated on the foothills of Mount Te Aroha and Kaimai Mamaku Forest Park. The tranquil place dates back to the time when a Kiwi fashion designer pondered on the bad effects of modern life.

In the beautiful retreat, guests will enjoy whole food diets and its natural hot springs. Three Ms will also be experienced by valued guests; mindful practice, meditation, and massage.

Sakura Hamilton Waikato
Sakura Hamilton Waikato


The old-fashioned equestrian town of Cambridge is the home of wellness retreat hub Sakura (named after cherry blossom trees. The design was based on old Hindi Vastu Shastra architecture teachings.

There’s a wellness program along with useful fitness workouts at Sakura. There are also local celebrity chefs who hold workshops on nutrition and food exploration and life coaching, journaling seminars, and a lot of outdoor activities.

Solscape - Raglan-Family tipi
Solscape – Raglan-Family tipi


Solscape is an award-winning resort near the black beaches of Raglan which is considered as surfing mecca by patrons. Travelers are going to have a feast on the different accommodations of the resort; tents, tipis, earth domes, and self-contained eco-baches (a small holiday home).

There’s also an upcycled caboose. Workshops on permaculture, home gardening, and self-development for people who want to stay indoors are also being taught at Solscape. There are other activities like kayaking, horse riding, rock climbing for the more adventurous souls, and a surf school nearby.

Surf in Raglan
Surf in Raglan

Surf Dames

Sur Dames in Whale Bay is kicking all the boys out with their women-only hideaway. The place only caters to the queens. It lies in the middle of Mt.  Karioi and the ocean. Trained instructors and lifeguards are always present to ensure the safety of everyone and to serve as guides on the beach. The place treats their female guests well with facials, body wraps, mani, pedi, and massages.

There’s also the Lava Lounge where the girls can enjoy happy hour cocktails. The perfect day is also ended with the perfect night by end-day yoga or surf-fitness which they can avail of the day after if they’re extending their stay.

The Narrows Wellness
The Narrows Wellness

The Narrows Retreat

Meditation can often do wonders for the tired mind, body, and soul. It gives relief to anxiety and depression and stimulates better cognitive function. Learn the techniques to combat stress and improve relaxation methods through New Zealand’s first Ananda Yoga Centre.

Ananda overlooks the Waikato River. It is the “joy that lives within and found through regular deep meditation” and guests will surely find it as they spend time in Ananda.

Visit now to plan your New Zealand escape.

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