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Ryan Chen, Head of the Software Research Center of the OPPO Research Institute

Travel Gadget: OPPO Smartphones Get a Makeover with Hyper Boost

OPPO just announced its launch of the OPPO Hyper Boost. This innovative technology brings unparalleled overall experience for their Smartphones. HyperBoost increases the performance and power consumption features of OPPO Android Smartphones. This new system from the Electronics company is a well-thought of and conceptualize that it took them years before they released it to the public but what it gives users are optimum strength and performance for their Smartphones.

Head of the Software Research Center of the OPPO Research Institute, Ryan Chen said that gave three years to really up their ‘system performance’. This means that starting 2015, they’ve already working hard in developing Hyper Boost. The company is adamant in seeking improvements and solutions for their products and the launch of Hyper Boost sees to it that it happens. He added that Hyper Boost is capable of easily optimizing ‘resource allocation’ on OPPO’s Android systems that’s why users can expect that their Smartphones can withstand having multiple applications while keeping it in supreme working condition. He concluded that the Hyper Boost symbolizes their significance as the leading innovator in Smartphone technology and through this; it shows how they’re seeking new ways to give products that perform better to their users.

Ryan Chen, Head of the Software Research Center of the OPPO Research Institute
Ryan Chen, Head of the Software Research Center of the OPPO Research Institute

Users have different patterns when using their Smartphones. They use different applications, have different files and times and ways in using Smartphones. Hyper Boost familiarizes with each user’s unique applications then utilizes that to optimize it for that user. Its ‘two-way dialogs’ enables a smooth flow between applications and system resources. You may ask, what does this do? To put it simply, Hyper Boost ensures a faster performance for your Smartphone in terms of applications, games and overall system performance. It also makes way for improves hardware resources.

Hyper Boost has three parts; these are.

System Engine

Hyper Boost can address over 20 software scenarios and more than 20 software behaviors. It can give more than 50 ways to solve these scenarios so smooth use of your Smartphone is a guarantee. It makes sure that the loading time for general application is 31.91% shorter. This is applicable to its Qualcomm and MediaTek platforms.

Game Engine

OPPO Smartphones can accommodate many mobile games like PUBG and Honor of Kings without affecting loading time and speed.  It’s also one of the first Smartphone companies which partnered with Netease and Tencent. They also worked with Unreal, Cocos, and Unity. These partnerships show how advanced the gaming functions of OPPO is.

Application Engine

Smartphone users who signed-up with WeChat, Mobile QQ, and Mobile Taobao can experience the Hyper Boost optimization experience along with 39 common applications for Smartphones.

The partnership of OPPO’s Hyper Boost with other applications and platforms gives uses a one-of-a-kind experience. Aside from Hyper Boost, OPPO’s strength lies in its fast charging capabilities and beautiful Selfie shots. They are also developing 5G and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance user experience. Just this year, they unveiled their Super VOOC fast charging features, AI ultra-clear night scene, 3D structured light and TOF. OPPO’s commitment in giving the best user experience continues as they launch the Hyper Boost.

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