Tokyo Tokyo Unveils A Bold New Ramen Flavor!

(Manila, Philippines) – One of the many reasons Filipinos love going to Japan is the country’s wide selection of delicious delicacies, from ramen to tonkatsu to their sweet mochi. But you don’t need to travel far to get a taste of Japan. Tokyo Tokyo brings the flavor of Japanese food right in front of us.

New Ramen from Tokyo Tokyo
New Ramen from Tokyo Tokyo

Tokyo Tokyo continues to bring the taste of Japan closer to us. They serve high-quality delicacies with reasonable price tags to give everyone more value for their hard-earned money.

But there is another reason why you should visit and dine at Tokyo Tokyo. The restaurant introduces a new flavor of ramen: The Black Garlic Ramen.

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The Black Garlic Ramen is an exciting take on the classic ramen. It will surely excite your palate and warm your body. It will grab anybody’s attention due to its unique black soup.

Black Garlic Ramen
Black Garlic Ramen

This new and exciting addition to Tokyo Tokyo’s menu uses black garlic oil, an innovate element that gives the dish a strong garlic flavor and bold color. Not only that, it also uses only the highest quality and premium ingredients: Freshly made ramen noodles, slowly cooked tonkatsu broth, and generous ramen toppings like nitamago egg, pork chaser, onion leeks, nori, and rayo oil.

Now that the rain comes pouring down, which is perfect to eat a bowl of warm ramen, Tokyo Tokyo introduces the Ramen Weather Promo. Enjoy a bowl of Black Garlic Ramen or any of their ramen bowls with reduced prices!

New Black Garlic Ramen from Tokyo Tokyo
New Black Garlic Ramen from Tokyo Tokyo

To get updates on the Ramen Weather Promo and when it will start or to get more information about other current promotions, make sure to visit or follow Tokyo Tokyo’s social media pages: Facebook at or Instagram at @tokyotokyophilippines.

You would surely not want to miss the Ramen Weather Promo! #TakeMeToTokyoTokyo

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