Encenada Beach: A Secluded Beach in Puerto Galera

Encenada Beach Resort Puerto Galera Philippines

There isn’t much better than dropping your gear on snow-white sand, grabbing your snorkel, and then walking into crystal blue waters where you will see thousands of fish, very few tourists, and the cares of life will disappear into the perfect hideaway spot.

best resort puerto galera
Real White Sand Beach in Puerto Galera

You might think you would have to go to the farthest reaches of the Philippines in order to find a place like Encenada Beach, but in fact, Puerto Galera is only about 160 km from Manila. Located on Mindoro Island’s northern peninsula, this is a world-class diving and snorkel spot and one of the best places in the Philippines for outdoor activities of all kinds. Whether you are into trekking or just discovering new isolated coves with undisturbed sand. This is the place for you to go.

al fresco dining
Al Fresco Dining in Puerto Galera

As you stand on the powdery sands, don’t be surprised if you don’t see the real reason why people go to Encenada Beach. There are more than 20 world-class diving spots around Puerto Galera. This is truly one of the best diving spots in the world, just look at who the divers are who come here: primarily dive instructors! Whether you are an instructor or someone looking to pick up your first open water diving certification, this place is as good as it gets in terms of cost, visibility, diversity, and course options.

native cottages
Native Cottages

Beginners can become qualified in just three days and Puerto Galera is a year-round dive destination. Even if it does rain, going under the warm waters is a good way to forget about the bad weather above!

best beach puerto galera
Encenada Beach

When I go to Puerto Galera, I like to go to the New Encenada Beach Resort. Instead of dealing with the crowds and tourists, this resort at Sitio Pandangan is a quiet place with no aggressive vendors, no party animals, and not much besides great beachside relaxing and crystal turquoise waters to dive in year-round.

resort in puerto galera
Resort in Puerto Galera

The New Encenada Beach Resort may not be a five-star resort but its ambiance is more of a home, giving you the feel of being in Boracay a couple of decades ago. During the night, the overlooking veranda type of restaurant offers not so expensive freshly cooked local foods. I’m always amazed that this place hasn’t been discovered and destroyed by holidaymakers from abroad, but year after year it remains a perfect getaway. In my opinion, no other beach in Puerto Galera can compare with this one.

Quiet Resort in Puerto Galera

I should tell you though that if you are looking for five-star luxury and total pampering, this isn’t the place. The staff is friendly and helpful, but it’s more of a family atmosphere where you get welcomed into one of the forty-two rooms or ten nipa huts and if you need help, you don’t have to look far.

Encenada Beach Resort Puerto Galera Philippines
Encenada Beach Resort Puerto Galera Philippines

To get to Encenada Beach you can take a bus from a company such as BLTB, JAM, or TRITRAN. You can leave as early as 6:00 am if you like or there are other departures throughout the day. From Batangas City Pier, take a ferry to Puerto Galera. There are a number of different arrival points so it’s a good idea to know where you are heading before you book.

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  1. Micamyx says

    Haven’t been to Puerto Galera pa T_T I want to go soon 😀

  2. Brenna says

    Our trip to Puerto Galera for tomorrow got canceled due to weather. 🙁
    I wanted to go so bad. 🙁
    Will attempt again before the end of October. Thanks for the tip!

  3. sam sison says

    I’ve been to this place before, and luckily, we were the only customers then! So we had the place for ourselves. The resort is clean, and the staff are friendly, and most of all, the view is so serene and breathtaking, we’ll be back there, real soon 🙂

    1. melo says

      @Sam – Good for you, I love Encenada Beach Resort:)

  4. eliabeth abrenica says

    I’ve seen some places, but when I’ve got a chance to see the Encenada Resort, really amazed me.. the place is must be seen and experienced!! here you will see the happy and friendly faces of people from the staff, the the neighbors.. When you’ve been here, you will keep on coming back.. Hurrayyy!! to Encenada!! Mabuhay… Keep up the good work…

  5. william ramos says

    wow very nice 🙂 Pilipinas kay Ganda there are many beautiful tourist distination like puerto galera, puerto princesa, bohol, boracay, calao cave in cagayan province etc.

  6. john moore says

    my wife and i stayed at the hollywood palm hotel i must say it was beautiful and very reasonably priced,,,if you get the chance take the snorkling trip i promise you,,you won’t be disappointed,,you get your own private boat and tour some of the island plus go snorkling over the coral reef,,,there is good nightlife on the beach after sunset,,,and good eating huts plus bars,,,my wife is filipino i’m irish and i hope to get back here again

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