Davao Kadayawan Festival 2012

One of the most spectacular festivals in Philippines is the Kadayawan sa Davao Festival. As the name suggests, the Kadayawan Festival is held in Davao, a city in Mindanao Philippines, which became famous for conducting this annual festival. The term Kadayawan is derived from Dabawenyo (language in Davao) word “Dayaw”. It means good, superior, valuable or beautiful. Basically it’s a greeting word.

Kadayawan sa Dabaw 2012
Kadayawan sa Davao Festival 2012

With the Kadayawan Festival 2012, the people in Davao City and nearby provinces express their gratitude for the gifts of nature, the cultural wealth, harvest bounties and a peaceful life. The festival celebrates the life and style of the people in the country.

Highlights of the Davao Kadayawan festival

The Davao Kadayawan Festival holds a number of cultural events, of which the significant highlights are the colorful street dancing, Floral –float parade and the exhibition.

People who are planning a tour to Davao is suggested to make it in time for the Kadayawan festival to witness the one of the most celebrated festival in the Philippines, and personally experience the beauty, the culture and their heritage. The Kadayawan Festival includes the following activities that are worth watching.

• Floral float parade: Amazingly beautiful floats designed skillfully using mainly flowers, and a few other materials and ornaments, parading through the city

• Indak-Indak Sa Kadalan: This most anticipated event of the Festival is a colorful and vivid, Street dancing competition featuring the common tribes in the city of Davao with traditional tribal attires.

• Hiyas sa Kadayawan: A beauty pageant with the stunningly beautiful young ladies from different tribes in Davao

• Trade fairs and Exhibition: Island tourism services, products of interest and skillful handicrafts will be on display

• Nightly street party

• Cultural performances

• Sporting events and fun competitions

• Concerts

More about Davao Kadayawan Festival

It’s not just the Kadayawan Festival which is going to impress you. Even the hospitality, commitment and dedication of the people there are impressive. Decorated roads, a beautiful background of nature, and the hustle and bustle for the festival would make you wish you could come back next year as well.

The Davao Kadayawan Festival 2012 will be held on the third week of August as usual. Reports about the schedule of Kadayawan 2012, which hasn’t been finalized, states that the Indak-Indak Sa Kadalanan, the street dancing competition, will be held on August 18th and Floral float competition (Pamulak sa Kadalanan) will be held the following day.

This year, the Kadayawan Festival is going to be unique as it will coincide with the greatest festival of Muslims, “Eidl Fitr”, post Ramadan. The thanksgiving ceremony will be held early before the initiation of the full fledged celebration, as Pasasalamat. The venues for each event are yet to be finalized. But those visiting Davao in Philippines at the time of the Festival will be posted with updates on the Kadayawan Festival and invited to be part of the festival as well.

This time, Kadayawan Festival 2012 also holds a surprise, which will be interesting for people who love watching flowers. The Queen of Philippine Orchids is a very beautiful flower, and is known as “Waling waling” in Philippines. The flower which blooms only once a year can be seen at the Kadayawan Festival. It’d be made to bloom during the festival post treatment under specific conditions for blooming earlier than it used to.

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