Cirque Mother (CircusMama) Africa at Newport Theatre Resorts World Manila

Manila is all set to witness rocking performance from Cirque Mother Africa this April 19-22, 2012. The much awaited event will take place at Newport Theatre Resorts World Manila. Some filipinos have seen this event in the past too, but this time they are all set to enjoy a rocking show in Manila.

Cirque Mother (CircusMama) Africa Manila
Cirque Mother (CircusMama) Africa Manila

The show will last for a minimum of two hours. The event will consist of the ever interesting African traditional music followed by African dance as well as performances. As many as 40 artists are expected to participate in this wonderful event. The artists are from across nine countries in Africa which includes Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe as well as Guinea.

The major attraction of this event is that even though the artists are from different nationalities in Africa, they will fuse together as a single community in bringing up the voice of Africa which is definitely going to reflect upon the unity of Africa. All the performing artists highly skilled artists, they are either dancers or musicians or singers or a combination of all the three.


The troupe is reaching Manila after their world tours in major countries across Europe and also Australia. The troupe will perform in Singapore on April 12th after which they will be hosting their event in Manila. The event will also showcase a circus show with ringmaster dressed in a black top hat followed by tumbling clowns with the funny white paint on their faces as well as round red noses which will make the audience cheer with much excitement.

The show will also include experts spinning through the air where as human contortionists will form different shapes with their bodies which will be characterised by traditional masks, drums, beads as well as costumes that will give the audience a truly African atmosphere.

The circus programme will showcase some of best plays as well as acts that they have performed trough out the world during the past five years. Some of the notable highlights that the audience can look out for include foot juggling, magic as well as bounce juggling.

The most important attraction of the event that is going to take place in Manila is the performance by Mama Africa School of artists which will be led by Winston Ruddle who is the producer. More than just providing the audiences with entertainment, Mama Africa is all set to showcase the African culture. A part of the income from the tickets being sold for the Mama Africa Tour events will be used for the developmental projects of Africa.

Mama Africa draws its inspiration from a combination of a special mixture of the traditional African circus followed by modern circus as well as impressive acrobatics. The event will also witness the blending of live music and choreography that will be deeply rooted to the African Culture and tradition.

For tickets to Cirque Mama Africa, please visit: or call 891-9999 and for Group Bookings please call Peeya 0915 9275747

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