China Tourist Guide : 5 Awesome Places To Visit While In China

Who hasn’t heard of China? The country is famous for its huge population, their great wall that is the only stucture visible from space, and their awesome food. Thank god China shared their recipes to the world, allowing us to cook and eat versions of their delicious food, and learn a little bit about their country too.

great wall of china
Ancient Warrior on Great Wall of China

So if you’re reading this you are probably thinking about going to China, or maybe you already have bought the tickets and you want to compile a list of places to checkout? Whatever your reason is, This article will help you prepare your itinerary for your next holiday in China.

The Forbidden City
In Beijing for a day or two? Why not take a trip to The Forbidden City? Located in Beijing north of the Tienanmen Square where the famous portraits of one of the most well known dynasty emperors once sat: Mao Zedong.

beijing tourist attractions
Forbidden City in Beijing

The Great Wall of China
The Great Wall is a symbol to China, and to its rich history. Created in 1368 the wall still stands today. It has a length of 5,500 miles and is entirely functional and walkable. The Great Wall is truly a symbol of power, dominance, and stability. This place should be on the list of every tourist!

Hangzhou – Paradise On Earth
It isn’t everyday that you get to visit paradise, but if you are in China you can. Hangzhou is beautiful city located on the shores of West lake. The city is lively featuring an array of pavilions, temples, and a variety of gardens. Hangzhou is quite close to Shanghai but you don’t have anything to avoid like traffic and polution. The city if very quiet with a laid-back culture.

Jiuzhaigou is one of China’s most beautiful nature reserves. A great example of the beautiful, and tranquil landscapes. Jiuzhaigou has plenty of crystal blue water lakes and multi-level waterfalls. Tibetan villages surround the area. So finding food, culture, and history is 100% guaranteed.

The Bund, Shanghai
During the 1800’s and 1900’s Chinese business men would flock to The Bund. Some of the best Chinese architectual is found in this city. So it is a must see if you like scout out architect.

China is a huge country and I wouldn’t be able to list every place, attractions or restaurants you should go to. You’ll have to do it the ol’ fashion way, exploring!
  1. melvin says

    2 days in beijing is really not enough, sa forbidden city pa lang i had to spend 4 hours.qianmen is also an interesting place to visit kasi andaming shops,masarap mamili o kahit mag window shopping lang

    1. melo says

      @melvin – thanks for the additional tips:)

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