A Cheesy Way to Make Your Day

Sometimes cheesy lines work and sometimes they don’t. One thing that’s always guaranteed to get a nod of approval, however, is the new Goldilocks Cheese Tart! This delectable treat is a shortcrust pastry filled with a heavenly cheese flavor that bursts in your mouth with every bite.

Goldilocks Cheese Tart
Goldilocks Cheese Tart

The Goldilocks Cheese Tart is also easy on the budget, making it an choice for a quick snack with friends or when you’re on the go. It’s mouthwatering cheesy flavor is perfect for afternoon coffee or tea, yet will still delight kids who find it in their lunchboxes. The Goldilocks Cheese Tart is truly a cheesy way to make your day!

Visit your nearest Goldilocks bakeshop or call Goldilocks Go-Delivery at 888-1-999 to grab a box or two.

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