Cebu Pacific Flies to Guam: Get ready to love the natural beauty of Guam and its people

Get ready to love the natural beauty of Guam and its people. Cebu Pacific Flies to Guam!

Finally, Cebu Pacific Flies to Guam! CEB has just recently set its sight to the wonderful US territory of Guam. Now is definitely the right time to book your next escapade to the Micronesian island with Cebu Pacific’s low-fare Manila-Guam flights.

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Cebu Pacific Flies to Guam

Dreaming of a holiday vacation at a hut overlooking the blue seas? Seeking to walk along pristine white beaches located away from the Philippines? Wanting to shop tax-free? Guam could be one great holiday destination for you!

The island of Guam, the largest and southernmost in the Mariana Island Arc, has an abundance of natural resources and a diverse colonial history.

Guam: A paradise east of the Philippines

Although receiving one million visitors a year, this lush and tropical island still looks like an untouched paradise. The islands locals seem to be doing a great job maintaining the natural wonder of the island. With breathtaking ocean views, not only can you unwind, you can also see its rich aquatic life in in its beaches such as Tumon and Tanguisson. You can go snorkel and dive in its surrounding coral reef. Take a diving lesson and get a bonus from the history that will unravel right before your eyes as you will be able to visit Guam’s most popular sites, the SMS Cormoran and the Tokai Maru, which are world war shipwrecks.

Blue Hole Dive Spot in Guam

But aside from its undersea tourist spots, the island has landscapes that make beautiful laptop screens. These include towering cliffs, caves and coves like the Pagat Caves, Marbo Cave, and Ague Cave, incredible forest terrains, and refreshing waterfalls like the Sigua Falls and Talofofo Falls, a 30-foot high waterfall accessible via cable car.

Its seascapes and landscapes are truly worth visiting!

Tax-free shopping, great dining experience

Guam’s remote location doesn’t necessarily mean there’s you can’t find good brands and delectable dishes. In fact, it’s filled with shopping and high-end retail outlets! But more than these, shopping in the island is duty-free!

Pleasure Island, Tumon

Shop in Tumon, Guam’s center of fashion and shopping. It’s the shopaholic’s haven! Visit the DFS Guam Galleria and Tumon Sands Plaza, where you can find all the well-known designer brands you’re looking for. And there’s more! Your favorite American brands are sold at marked down prices!

Besides international brands, travelers also go there to check out the local cuisine. A rice-loving people, the locals in Guam or Chamorros use red rice or hineksa’ aga’ga in their meals.  The rice is prepared by cooking short-grain rice with achote (annatto) water.

Kelaguen is another local dish that every visitor should try. Best with flour or corn tortillas, it is somewhat like ceviche. The yummy kelaguen is a mix of chicken, octopus, or squid in a pickling marinade made from lemon juice, fresh coconut, green onions and hot red chilies.

Dive Tumon – Cebu Pacific Flies to Guam

The dishes created by Chamorros are actually similar to that of ours. You can find coconut-infused dishes, candied fruits, and meat stews, which you will surely enjoy. As to why Filipino food is such an inspiration in Guam, it is because Filipinos make up about one-fourth (1/4) of its population. Hence, you don’t have to worry about sense of belonging! In Guam, you can seek advice from many Filipinos and never get lost!

Yup It’s for real! Cebu Pacific Flies to Guam, What are you waiting for? Book your Cebu Pacific Guam flight now and be greeted with a hafa adai!  Cebu Pacific’s year-round fares start from 7,197 Php all-in. During seat sales, prices can go as low as 2,500 Php. Check out its website via now!

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