Caracol Festival 2012 : Makati City Mardi Gras

If you want to see colorful costumes and vibrant festival street dancers without leaving Metro Manila, then head to Makati this Sunday – February 26, 2012 for the Caracol Festival 2012. Since the event is being held every last Sunday of February, Major streets in Makati are being closed for the grand Caracol Festival Street Dancing Parade.

festival in metro manila
Caracol Festival 2012 (courtesy of Byahilo)

This festival is participated by students from Makati’s public schools. According to the Festival organizers, Their aim is to highlight Makati City’s cultural heritage and the importance of conserving the environment and its natural resources.

Caracol started in 1986 and finaly listed in the Fiesta Islands Program of the Philippine Department of Tourism (DoT) in 1989. What makes this festival different is its contingetns nature-inspired costumes and artistic performances promoting the the protection and conservation of nature.

Last year, festival goers are also encouraged to participate by wearing environment inspired body paints, colorful masks and other costumes with flowers, birds, fruits and animals.
  1. Phoenix Pathfinder says

    It’s always a fun experience to be part of Makati’s Caracol. I wish it becomes as big as Aliwan. All the best in your blog! Cheers! – Phoenix Pathfinder

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