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Travel Gadget: Canon EOS M3 Review

Travel Photography: Canon EOS M3 Review

Photographs make the precious moments in our lives last longer and overcome the limits of time and space. The more beautiful and crisp a moment is captured, the more powerful its reminiscent power becomes. And this is precisely why, when choosing a compact camera, there’s nothing like the new Canon EOS M3.

Canon EOS M3 Review
Canon EOS M3 Review

About Canon EOS M3: Specs, features, just about anything

Canon’s newly-released EOS M3 is a third-generation camera that puts the usually impossible combination of portability and maximum efficiency together, side by side.

Canon EOS M3 being mirror-less allowed a dramatic reduction in overall weight, which is exactly why it’s less bulky, and more portable (than a DSLR). DSLRs have mirrors (prisms) built inside them, which flip up when you press the shutter button to capture images. Mirror-less cameras like Canon EOS M3, on the other hand, use a digital image sensor, instead of mirrors, to capture images after you press the shutter.

Canon EOS M3 Camera Review
Canon EOS M3 Camera Review

Its Hybrid CMOS AF III technology, makes auto-focusing easy, reliable, and super-fast, even faster than its predecessors in the Canon EOS M camera series. This feature works best in shooting videos and/or taking pictures of fast-moving objects. The Hybrid CMOS AF III allows autofocus 6.1 times faster than the first generation of Hybrid CMOS AF technology, so it gets better.

Videos taken by Canon EOS M3 are high-definition (1080 p at 30 frames per second) at MP4 format, while continuous full resolution shooting captures images at 4.2 frames per second.

Canon EOS M3 Mirror-less camera
Canon EOS M3 Mirror-less camera

If you’re a photographer who prefers going manual, don’t worry, because this camera also includes interchangeable lenses. Its touch-screen electronic view finder (EVF) would also come in handy for you. And, yes, you can also shoot and focus with just a tap on the screen. Canon EOS M3’s screen tilts up to 180 degrees (for selfies), and 45 degrees for shooting at high angles. You may also adjust settings via the touch-screen EVF when recording audio via the 3.55 mm external microphone socket.

A Local dressed in Korean Costume at the Korean Folk Village
A Local dressed in Korean Costume at the Korean Folk Village

The Creative Assist feature is also accessible via this touch-screen EVF which, among others, allows you to adjust camera settings, preview pictures real-time after making these adjustments, and save your favorite settings for easy future access. This feature is most especially useful when you’re not sure how to operate manually, or if you’re simply in a hurry.

Bibimbap - A famous Korean Food
Sample Food Photo / Bibimbap – A famous Korean Food

Using your smartphone, you can also tap this camera’s Remote Shooting capability. Place your camera in a good spot and you can adjust settings, capture images, and even view what your camera is seeing on your own smartphone screen real-time. Here, your smartphone can serve as a wireless remote control, and, you can finally include yourself in group photos without having to run before the 10-second count anymore, or capture photos and videos from angles never-before-seen.

Sample Landscape Photography using Canon M3 - Bulusan Lake Philippines
Sample Landscape Photography using Canon M3 – Bulusan Lake Philippines

With this camera’s WiFi and NFC capabilities, you can also upload your photographs and videos online for effortless sharing, and you can also back up your creations in the cloud. You can back up either manually or by using the Image Sync feature, which allows you to synchronize with either your smartphone or your personal computer.

Selling Points of Canon EOS M3

Portability? Check. Efficiency? Another check. Speed? Check check check.

Aside from allowing you to do so much with a camera, Canon EOS M3, being mirror-less, also captures pictures faster than a DSLR. Remember that DSLR cameras have mirrors installed inside which flip up whenever you press the shutter? The flipping up of that mirror is what causes DSLRs to be slower than mirror-less cameras. While DSLRs’ mirrors are still flipping up, mirror-less cameras can take more pictures at a faster rate. The difference between the speed of capturing of DSLRs and mirror-less cameras are just milliseconds apart, but take all those together and they make a huge difference.
After all, we should all know that when the right moment comes, it doesn’t wait. And your camera has to be fast enough to capture it.

Sample Travel Photo using Canon EOS M3 - Inside Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul Korea
Sample Travel Photo using Canon EOS M3 – Inside Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul Korea

So is it a Good Travel Gadget?

We all know that recently, more and more smartphones are being developed by several companies that are gradually replacing traditional cameras. After all, using a smartphone is convenient—it’s a communicating device, a map, a calendar, an organizer, a music and video player, a wallet, AND a camera as well. Smartphones are also very light, portable, and easy to use.

Sample Fashion Photography using Canon M3 - Yen Dreyfus in Changdeokgung Palace
Sample Fashion Photography using Canon M3 – Yen Dreyfus in Changdeokgung Palace

But why settle for a smartphone (that has its flaws, let’s admit) camera if you can settle for an actual camera, that serves no other purpose but to capture photographs and record videos, but nevertheless undoubtedly serves this purpose best? Canon M3 Camera is also very portable, light, and easy to use, so that even an amateur photographer can take the most beautiful, and even most professional, of pictures.

Sample Landscape Photo using Canon M3 - Bulusan Lake Trail in Sorsogon
Sample Landscape Photo using Canon M3 – Bulusan Lake Trail in Sorsogon

Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless Camera is less bulky, less heavy, and its battery lasts longer than your multi-purpose smartphone. My advise? Keep your smartphone in your bag for other purposes, and use an actual camera for taking pictures and/or videos instead. Aside from saving up your smartphone’s battery for other purposes, you’ll be able to capture the best moments in your life with a device that does exactly that the best—a camera.

New Canon EOS M3
New Canon EOS M3

Overall Review

In conclusion, Canon EOS M3 is a highly recommended camera, because it suits the needs of a wide range of people—ranging from amateur photographers to experts. You can choose to either go manual by adjusting camera settings yourself, or go through the Creative Assist, which is still manual in itself, but ism more understandable by amateurs. This camera is also portable and less bulky so it’s the perfect gadget for traveling, especially if you enjoy walking around a lot like me.

If it’s a camera you’re looking for that is light, less bulky and less heavy, but has the capabilities of a DSLR (and more), complete with interchangeable lenses and several other accessories, with a touch-screen view finder and WiFI and NFC capabilities, then Canon EOS M3 is the camera for you (and me).

Am I going to buy Canon EOS M3? I already have one and I’m happy with it!

Written by Melo Villareal

Melo Villareal is the Online Publisher of He is an Accountant by profession who left the corporate world at the age of 23 to explore his beautiful country and the rest of the world. Today, Melo works as a part-time Social Media Manager for local and international clients. His full-time work focuses on discovering interesting culture, explore different cuisines and take memorable photos from local and international destinations he's visiting.

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