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Boracay Island : A Perfect Holiday Destination

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Holiday in Boracay Island

I thought it was a bad news when I learned that our flight to Romblon was cancelled but being the reputable airline that they are, Seair gave us another option; fly to Boracay first then go to Carabao Island by boat the next day since the island is just 15 minutes away from Boracay in a good weather. Did they think I’d complaint? Hell no! (LOL)

Boracay on a Birds Eyeview
Bird’s Eyeview of Boracay

I usually arrive at the airport two hours before my actual flight, I learned my lesson from a previous catastrophic experience where I arrived at the airport 5min after the plane left… too bad:) After checking-in, I went to the restaurant outside the airport to meet Gail, Nina and Marc to have breakfast while were waiting for Eric.

Boracay Sunset
Boracay Sunset

As they say, ‘a single trip to Boracay is never enough’. Pristine beaches, 7 kilometers of white sand beach, beautiful landscapes, hospitable people, fantastic food choices and shopping for local arts and crafts always gives you a good excuse to rediscover Boracay… indeed.. the possibility is endless.

Instead of Shopping, what exactly attracts tourists to visit Boracay during Christmas Season? Winter is perfect at Boracay! As we all know, some parts of the Globe are currently covered by snow since it’s already Winter in their Country. Boracay’s Winter is different, you can play golf, eat ice cream, dive, snorkel, wind surf, drink all night and best of all… enjoy the sun.

Boracay Bulabog Beach
Kite Surfing Boracay

Our group arrived in Boracay after almost an hour from Manila, thanks to Seair for providing the fastest and safest flights to Boracay. Our trip to the island was totally seamless, After getting our baggage, all Seair passengers were provided free VIP airport transfers and all we needed to do was pay for our terminal and environmental fee.

Boracay Dog with Gail
Gail with the Beach Dog

Contrary to what I expected, Boracay during Christmas season is less crowded and majority of the tourists are Caucasians unlike last November where almost all corners were filled with Korean, Chinese, Singporean and Japanese tourists.

Boracay Taj Guesthouse
Taj Guesthouse

Boracay has a plethora of places to stay and it can accommodate tourists of all sorts. Our group stayed in Taj Guesthouse, a cozy fully furnished Boracay accommodation located in Station two near D’Mall area. Since the Guesthouse is located in the center, Station 1 & 3 is pretty much accessible.

Boracay Babyback ribs
Boracay’s Famous Babyback Ribs

Day 1 – After leaving our things in the guesthouse, we went to Gasthof to have an early lunch. Nina toured us around Bulabog beach which is a few minutes away if you walk from D’mall. It was my first time to visit that part of the island, Bulabog beach is a popular destination for wind surfers since this part of the island is windy and perfect for adventure seekers.

Boracay Morrocan Dinner
Travel and Food Bloggers having a Moroccan Dinner

Our first day in the island was all about eating, we had our baby back ribs lunch in Gasthof, Churi Burger for snacks then we headed to Kasbah Moroccan Restaurant in Station 1 for fantastic Moroccan dinner.

Boracay Cafe Del Sol
Coffee @ Cafe del Sol

Day 2 – It was almost 9:30am when I woke up, I noticed Eric and Nina already left the room so I assumed they were on a special task (paparazzi mode) so I decided to walk towards Cafe del Sol to have some coffee. After 30 minutes, Eric, Nina and Gail arrived in the coffee shop. Since the weather is windy and the sea waves are unpredictable according to some boatmen, we decided not to go to Carabao Island in Romblon. Instead, we dropped by the Seair’s office in D’mall to have our ticket revised since our flight back to Manila will actually be in Tablas airport and not in Caticlan.

After fixing our plane ticket, we had buffet lunch in Bugs Grill for only P200 then we head back to our room to prepare for our afternoon splash. It’s been a while since the last time I swam in the beach, I just prefer to take pictures and seat under the palm tree till sundown.

Boracay Lunch Buffet
Lunch Buffet at Bugs Grill

We just enjoyed walking just to look for a place to eat till we found La Carmela Boracay’s Dinner buffet in Station 3 for only P240. Do you think our pig-out was over, We suddenly crave for a carabao milk shake but unfortunately the store was already closed. We just decided to eat crepe then Gail and Nina had an grilled isaw overload by the beach.

Boracay Carabao Milk Shake
Carabao Milk Shake

Day 3 – I woke up early since it was our last day in the island. It’s surprising how people can manage a vacation without enough sleep. Oh well, I think the destination is relaxing enough to rejuvenate your energies. With so many restaurants in the island, we ended up having our breakfast and lunch in Gasthof, I guess we fell in love with their baby back ribs.

Boracay Busy High Way
Boracay’s Busy Highway

One final thought. If you think Boracay is just a summer destination, think again. I have visited the island 4 times this year and on each visit, I never failed to discover something new. Boracay can be visited any time of the year for a great vacation so make sure to experience more than the usual Asian beach destination.

south east asian airlines
South East Asian Airlines

Make your trip to Boracay hassle free by securing early hotel and flight reservations. South East Asian Airlines offers the fastest and the most number of flights to Boracay in just 35 minutes from Manila to Caticlan. For fast and easy Boracay air ticket reservation call SEAIR hotline 02/ 849 0100 or you can book online by visiting .

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