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Boracay Island: 2012 Best beach in Asia by TripAdvisor

Boracay Island in Philippines has been named as the best beach in Asia for 2012 by TripAdvisor. The island is just 4.5 miles in length. But one of the major attractions is that travellers will find awesome beaches with in short distance. And that is what makes this place unique from others.

boracay best beach
Boracay Best Beach in Asia

There are mainly four beaches in the Boracay Island in Philippines. They are Balinghai beach, Diniwid Beach, Yapak Beach and also Bulabog beach. Balanghai beach in Boracay Island is so beautiful that travelers will feel like they are in the midst of a native island away from civilization. The travellers will have a never before experience since even the meals will be served in a basket as well as rope and pulley system.

All the users have to do is just to ring a bell and the meals will be delivered for them in quite a unique fashion. The beach with the sound of the waves as well as crystalline waters will impress the travellers for whom privacy and availability combined with a fun-filled peaceful environment is the subject of prime importance.

Travelers will also find bungalow type cottages that will provide the travellers with the maximum comfort. A unique experience is guaranteed in this wonderful looking beach side.

Diniwid Beach of Boracay Island is also one of the major attractions. The beach is less populated compared to other beaches of Boracay Island. It is best suited for all those travellers who are looking out for complete privacy. And it is also just a few minutes walk for all those travellers who want to enjoy and get in to the center of attractions in the Boracay Island.

The beach is mainly of a 200 meter long stretch of white sand that will impress all those travellers who makes a visit to this beach.

Yapak Beach of Boracay Islands is known for the presence of Puka shells all over the beach. It is one of the largest islands in Boracay Island. The beach will give the travellers more of a romantic and scenic experience than any of the other Boracay beaches. Another major attraction is the Sunset in Yapak beach which is absolutely stunning with the sunrays getting reflected on the crystal clear beach waters. The sands are also a major attraction of this beach.

Bulabog beach is mainly located on the backside of the Boracay Island. The beach is commonly known as Sport Beach by locals. It is always advised to wear wet suits while in Bulabog Beach. It is considered to be one of the best beaches in the Boracay Island. It is the ideal pace for the travellers to have partying together with windsurfing as well as kite surfing experience.

The travelers will be happier to see jelly fishes as well as sea urchins in the water mainly across the rocky areas of the Bulabog beach. The beach also comprises of beach resorts that provides the travellers as well as visitors with utmost comfort and entertainment.

Written by Melo Villareal

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