Boracay is the Best Beach in Asia

Once again Boracay Island has been ranked number one in the list of the top ten Best Beaches in Asia by the popular travel website ‘TripAdvisor’. The travel website that provides helpful user generated travel tips, restaurant reviews, hotel ratings have listed Boracay as the best beach in Asia over Maldives which came in second and Koh Phangan in Thailand which came in third.

best beach in the world
Boracay is the Best Beach in Asia

“Boracay was chosen for its powdery white sand, affordable accommodations and courteous and hospitable people,” a statement in Tripadvisor read. “At only 4.5 miles long, Boracay is small enough to navigate by rented bicycle or motorbike. But don’t let its small size fool you – you’ll have several excellent beaches to choose from.

Yapak Beach is known for beautiful white shells; White Beach has picture-perfect sunsets; and Balinghai Beach is a secluded spot, perfect for honeymooners,” the TripAdvisor wrote.

Aside from Boracay, the famous surfing destination in Mindanao named Siargao was also voted as the 8th top surfing beach out of 50 across the globe.

It’s More fun in the Philippines isn’t it?
  1. Sonny says

    boracay is world class the cool art about it i got tons of friends aroun aklan

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