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Best Luxury Places to Stay in the Philippines on a Budget

View of Taal Volcano Island from Tagaytay

Luxury Places to Stay in the Philippines on a Budget

Plenty of people have the innate desire to travel. Their understandable want to see the world and encounter others’ cultures is a huge motivation, but unfortunately, it’s a dream not everybody can live out. Travelling from place to place can get quite expensive. And while seeing old but nonetheless beautiful ruins or vacationing at luxurious country club homes in Tagaytay sound like experiences that can’t be passed up, a lack of funds can completely prevent those plans from coming into fruition.

Tropical Beaches in the Philippines - Philippines on a budget
Tropical Beaches in the Philippines- Philippines on a Budget

However, contrary to popular belief, that’s not always the case. With proper budgeting and meticulous planning, you can still have the vacation of your dreams – especially in the diverse country of the Philippines.

The pearl of the East is truly one of the best places to discover and travel to. With plenty of wondrous and heavenly locations to visit, it is the quandary of where to go first that stands above all worries. From imperial mountain villas to pristine beach resorts, nature is much more marvellous and smashing to set our eyes upon on.

Fresh Fruits from Tagaytay by Luis Mazier
Fresh Fruits from Tagaytay by Luis Mazier

For beginners, it could be hard to look for a totally grandiose getaway that will fit the average man’s penny-pinching budget. But with a little knowledge and research, even you can surely find that royal travel experience you want! And to help you out with that, here are a few places you’d definitely want to check out!

1. Boracay of the North: Pagudpud

Beaches in the Northern Philippines
Beaches in the Northern Philippines

Boracay might be the supreme beach destination of the country, but it sure is expensive! But, what if we tell you that you can get to experience the same pearly white sand, shiny clear waters and kaleidoscopic-hue of corals at a cheaper price? Behold, the virgin sands and fabulous imagery of the famous Saud Beach. It’s so glamorous that it was even voted by Sunday Herald as “the most beautiful beach in Asia”.

Plenty of ways are available for your transportation to get to Pagudpud from here in Manila. You can take a plane ride, or a 10-hour long bus ride. Either way you can find cheap deals – just be on the look-out for promos.

2. Be Blown Away By Mt. Pinatubo

Of course, we only mean this in the figurative sense! This precious volcano is one of the most beautiful gems this country holds most proud of. Simply take a bus to Tarlac then ride a jeep (preferably the 4×4 jeeps that roam the foot of the volcano) then begin questing towards the top by trekking. The crater of Mt. Pinatubo is not dangerous and plenty of tourists flock to trek there. It’s a long way to the view, but it will definitely be worth the time and effort.

Crater Lake of Mount Pinatubo
Crater Lake of Mount Pinatubo

Depending on what you want to do next, there are other things you can do like camp overnight across the crater lake or enjoy the serene view of the rim of the slop up from a lake full of rain water. How cool is that, right? If you’re asking how much you’ll be spending – a mere 2,000 Pesos can take you to this awesome place.

3. Go Abroad By Simply Travelling to Tagaytay

You don’t need a passport or visa to feel the cool breeze; simply head on to Tagaytay and experience luxury that many people would die for. Of course, one of the most popular destinations there is the world-class villa that is Tagaytay Highlands. From an abundance of amenities and plentiful of recreational activities that awaits, sleeping might not be your thing anymore because all of the wondrous conditions to do is always knocking at your door.

View of the Taal Lake and Volcano from Tagaytay
View of the Taal Lake and Volcano from Tagaytay

From Manila, take a bus bound for Tagaytay or Nasugbu or you can also take a shuttle/van. It’s best to travel with your family because everything found there is perfect for recreational activities that are perfect for the family.

4. Welcome Summertime in Anilao, Batangas

It’s the favourite destination for Manilenos, especially because it only takes 3-hours of driving to get there. Don’t worry about the budget either because it’s super cheap! With 1000-2000 pesos you can do away with the summer heat by engaging in numerous recreational activities that can range from diving into the deep blue sea to even sight-seeing the marine wildlife.

Snorkeling in Anilao photo by
Snorkeling in Anilao photo by

Also, aside from the beach, you can also climb Mt. Gulugod Baboy. It’s truly incredible! As an added bonus, just one more boat ride will take you to Sombrero Island. So what are you waiting for? A fulfilling vacation awaits!

So the next time you find yourself being told that vacationing in beautiful places is a luxury only the rich can afford, inform them about the aforementioned bits of advice and get going on your dream vacation as soon as you want!

Written by Sue Anne Reyes

Sue Reyes is a former writer for CNN Philippines and Aspiring Fashion Blogger.

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