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15 Of The Best Beaches in Connecticut

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Connecticut

Connecticut is located in the New England region in the United States. It is a small state that is surrounded by water. Along with New Jersey and New York, Connecticut is within the Tristate area and is famous for its brilliant history, rustic beauty, great landscape, beautiful beaches, and the most recognizable of all, Yale University.

Beach Surrounds Lighthouse in Connecticut photo via Depositphotos

Many travelers come to Connecticut to enjoy its gorgeous sandy beaches and beach parks. The shoreline if the state overlooks Long Island Sound, forming sweeping shores with calmer waves than the beaches that overlook the open Atlantic Ocean.

Many beaches in Connecticut are part of the start park department, though there are several public beaches with plenty of attractions too.

Today we are going to talk about beaches in the Nutmeg State.

Note: Make sure you have enough money to cover parking as well.

Rocky Neck State Park Beach

Rocky Neck State Park Beach By Bjturon – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,  CC

Located in East Lyme and about half an hour drive from the state capital, Hartford, Rocky Neck State Park Beach is one of the largest and most popular beaches in Connecticut. It is wide and filled with numerous hiking trails as well as a rock jetty for fishing the famous blackfish.

If you would like to stay a little longer, say over the weekend, the beach also is surrounded by more than 160 timbered and open campsites.

The beach tends to get crowded very quickly, particularly during the peak of the summer, so it is advisable to get there as early as you can.

Ocean Beach Park

Ocean Beach Park in New London Connecticut photo via FB Page

Ocean Beach Park is located in New London. For family trips, look no further than this silver beach that stretches some half mile.

If you would like to swim in non-salty water, there is an infinite pool nearby with a changing locker.

This beach is maintained by the park system and you prepare to pay some admission fees. Thankfully, after paying the admission fee you don’t have to pay for parking.

Clinton Town Beach

Clinton Town Beach photo via Clinton Sailing Club FB Page

This beach is loved by both locals and outsiders, and it is not hard to see why. Clinton Town Beach provides some of the best swimming and sunbathing options for visitors, especially in the high tides.

In low tides, you can just stroll to the sandbars for some amazing experience.

What I loved about Clinton Town Beach is that it has a designated dog-walking path, meaning you can come along with your canine buddy to the beach.

Hammonasset Beach State Park

Hammonasset Beach State Park By rickpilot_2000 –, CC BY 2.0, CC

Stretching slightly over two miles, Hammonasset State Park beach is the largest in Connecticut. It has a large boardwalk along the stretch of the coastline along with a concession stand.

You can bring your dog to the picnic area, as the rest of the beach is off bound to canines.

If you want kayaking, the beach has a designated boat launch area.

Make sure you check out the beach’s program and events at the Meigs Point Nature Center before you plan your visit.

Hole-in-the-Wall Beach

Hole-in-the-Wall Beach CT by dmcoxe via Flickr CC

Located also in East Lyme town, Hole-in-the-Wall Beach is managed by McCook’s Point Park, which is also under the Connecticut DEEP Program by the Quinnipiac University.

The beach features plenty of activities including kayaking, swimming, crabbing, fishing, and canoeing.

There are also many hiking and walking trails within the beach.

Harvey’s Beach

Harvey’s Beach CT by Alicia Butler via Facebook

Considered by many as one of the most beautiful beaches in the state of Connecticut, Harvey’s Beach is every beach lover’s dream. It is located in Old Saybrook with over 100 yards of white sand beach and amazing sunsets.

Harvey’s Beach has a truly stunning coastline and you just have to experience it.

Calf Pasture Beach

Calf Pasture Beach, municipal beach and park in Norwalk, CT By Jllm06 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

Another one of the most popular beaches in Connecticut, Calf Pasture occupies three quarters a mile stretch and is packed with thrilling sports.

It is one of the top choice beach destinations for many families too, thanks to its wide range of facilities.

Some of the recreational facilities you can find here include a bocce court, softball/baseball field, volleyball nets, and several hiking trails.

Playground, skate park, and kiddie splash pad are also found here.

Jacobs Beach

Sunset in Jacob’s Beach in Guilford CT by Slack12 via Flickr CC

Jacobs Beach is considered by many as the best-kept secret beach in Connecticut. It is one of the most peaceful beaches not only in the state but in the whole country.

It is never crowded even during peak season because very few people know about it.

The admission fee is also lower compared to other beaches in the state.

Jennings Beach

Jennings Beach by d Wang via Flickr CC

Jennings Beach is one of the most accessible in Connecticut and also has one of the lowest parking fees. The beach usually has plenty of open spaces even during peak season.

The presence of lifeguards means the coastline is safe for family too.

You can have swimming lessons if you want, which are offered by staff and other experts.

Compo Beach

Compo Beach by Sarah B Brooks via Flickr CC

Sitting on 29 acres, Compo Beach is located along the Saugatuck River overlooking Long Island Sound.

The beach has a number of facilities such as bathrooms and changing lockers as well as a concession stand, pavilion, and a boardwalk.

Visitors can also enjoy beach volleyball and softball.

Silver Sands State Park

Silver Sands State Park By Randal J. (RJFerret) – Self-photographed, CC BY-SA 2.5, CC

This beach is situated on the southern border of Milford. It is quite remote, and as a result, less crowded.

It is a great option for family getaway thanks to its calm waters and numerous facilities.

Sherwood Island State Park

Sherwood Island State Park By Noroton at English Wikipedia – Public Domain,  CC

Sherwood Island State Park is also run by the Connecticut state park system.  This beach is quite unique from others in the state, thanks to its three-color sand, including red, black, and garnet.

Every time the tide splashes, the minerals isolated, leaving behind spectacular streaks of sand.

Waterford Beach Park

Waterford Beach Park by Marc Nee via Facebook Page

Though it is small compared to other beaches in this list, Waterford Beach Park has the rarest charm. It has a picnic area as well as walkways and bathroom and changing lockers.

Esker Point Park Beach

Esker Point Park Beach

This beach is located in a small village of Groton between Mystic ad Stonington and within Esker Point Park.

The beach offers great vistas of the Mouse Island and the Long Island Sound.

Eastern Point Beach

Eastern Point Beach by Ez Aldea via Facebook

This family-friendly beach is also located in Groton and at the mouth of River Thames. The water at the beach is shallow and perfect for children to swim in.

There are also plenty of amenities that make Eastern Point Beach a family favorite beach.

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