Becoming A Responsible Traveler: Helping The Environment In Your Own Simple Ways

How to become a responsible traveler

Simple Ways to Help Save the Environment as a Responsible Traveler

Whenever we travel, we are exposed to all kinds of cultures and environments. Traveling opens different doors to both rewarding and unfortunate worlds.

Becoming A Responsible Traveler photo by Jeremie Cremer via Unsplash
Becoming A Responsible Traveler photo by Jeremie Cremer via Unsplash

While we are enjoying the sceneries, historical sights, food, and activities in other countries, it is important to keep in mind how to travel responsibly.

We are exposed to using plastics every time we travel: From the plastic bags of souvenirs, we purchase to the plastic containers used for the food we eat. Plastics do not decompose. They can be eaten by fishes, birds, and other animals. It also adds up to the waste that people accumulate.

As a traveler, you can help not only the local people but also the environment without contributing to damaging practices. Make the right choice and be a more responsible traveler.

Reusable Metal Staws photo by Isabela Kronemberger via Unsplash
Reusable Metal Staws photo by Isabela Kronemberger via Unsplash

How To Reduce Your Consumption of Plastic

Here are a few simple steps you can take today:

  • Don’t accept that straw. Instead of using a plastic straw, purchase a reusable stainless steel or glass straw and carry it along with you.
  • Instead of buying plastic water bottles, bring a metal canteen or container and fill it up before you step out of your hotel.
  • Invest in your own container that you can bring whenever you are going out to eat.
  • Stop chewing that gum. Gum is made of synthetic rubber, also known as plastic.
  • Instead of using disposable plastic lighters, use matches.
  • Bring a reusable bag whenever you are grocery shopping.
  • Use a razor with replaceable blades instead of a disposable razor.
  • Support the small store owners: Eat and drink locally.
  • Stay at an eco-hotel.
  • Opt to take a bicycle or a trolley service to your destination.
  • Before leaving your hotel room, turn off all the lights and the air conditioning.
  • Do not print tickets. Save your documents to your mobile devices and show them to the airport or hotel personnel.
  • If you stay next to a beach, go on a trip and pick up some trash along the shore.

A little bit of effort goes a long way. We can help the environment get a bit better.

How to become a responsible traveler
How to become a responsible traveler

How about you? How do you help save the environment while traveling?

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