Beach Hut Sunblock : Have Maximum Fun Under the Sun!

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Sure, we all joke about it, but Asian people don’t want to be browner than we already are. With all the whitening creams, lightening creams, and other products we use to make ourselves lighter, it’s no wonder that we also want great sunblock.

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It’s more than that though. It’s also healthy. Now, there’s no need to hide from the sun in the summer because there is a maximum sun protection cream available. Not 20, 30, or 50 SPF but 100 SPF. That’s right. Now you can go outside, walk around in the sun, and ditch the big hat and huge umbrella you’ve been hiding under because of BEACH HUT MAX SPF 100.

A box of Sunblock Lotion
A box of Sunblock Lotion

This is the first ever sun block with an SPF of 100. Total protection from the dangerous rays of the sun and if you are wearing this stuff, you aren’t going to be getting any browner, that’s for sure.

Thank you Beach Hut
Thank you Beach Hut

Go to the beach and enjoy the heat of the sun without worrying. It’s waterproof, sweatproof, and sun proof. Not sticky and uncomfortable or blotchy and mess and gives you 99% UVA and UVB blocking protection.

If the sun has been making you scared, be scared no longer. Go out to the park, walk the dogs, leave that big hat behind, stop hiding under the beach tent and let the sun shine down on you with no worries about it. BEACH HUT MAX SPF 100 has got you completely covered. Go out and enjoy the life you haven’t been living.