Cebu Pacific’s Cadet Pilot Program Application Now Open

Be a Licensed Commercial Pilot Without Spending a Fortune by Joining Cebu Pacific’s ‘Study-Now-Pay-Later’ Program

Opportunities only come once. So if you are given a chance to grab it, don’t think twice about giving it a shot.

Fulfill Your Dreams of Becoming a Pilot

Cebu Pacific launches its “study-now-pay-later” program for 240 aspiring Filipino pilots to train in Australia. This is for their requirement to expand its fleet.

The Cebu Pacific Cadet Program requirements are simple:
  • College graduate
  • Proficient in English
  • Holding a Philippine passport valid for at least two years before the start of the training program
  • PHP 17,000 screening process fee

Fulfill your dreams of becoming a commercial pilot with Cebu Pacific. [Image Credit: Cebu Pacific/Facebook]
You might think that the screening process fee is big money. Yes, it is. However, the training for pilots costs around PHP 2,000,000 to 3,800,000 for a 12-month program. The airline will be shouldering the traditionally high tuition fees.

Graduates of the “study-now-pay-later” program will serve Cebu Pacific under a separate 10-year program.

You don’t need to spend millions with Cebu Pacific’s program. [Image Credit: Flickr]
During the press conference in Pasay City, the President, and CEO of the airlines, Lance Gokongwei, revealed that with this scheme alone, Cebu Pacific is already shelling out $25 million in the next five years to train their cadet pilots intensively.

“Over the next five years, Cebu Pacific will be investing $25 million for the Cadet Pilot Program.”

The Training Program

The low-cost airline also said that they would be sending out 240 cadets for training at the Flight Training Adelaide campus located in Adelaide, Australia. There will be three batches of pilot aspirants to train in Australia every year, with 16 trainees per batch.

To start with the training program, applicants need to be screened online first, followed by an on-site screening for their core skills and aptitude tests.

The 56-week program includes lectures about flight theory, integrated flying training, and an education course made especially for aspiring pilots to become a licensed commercial pilot. There will also be a flight simulation and flight time on an actual aircraft. The last four weeks of the training will be in the Philippines for the cadet pilots to obtain a license from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

The program includes flying an actual aircraft. [Image Credit: Flight Training Adelaide]
The successful trainees will join Cebu Pacific as “first officers” and will start flying on both domestic and international flights.

Gokongwei also added:

“This program will allow us to train homegrown Filipino pilots with best-in-class international standards … Cebu Pacific will shoulder the cost first and expose candidates to one of the best pilot training facilities in the world. Through this program, we aim to have continued access to a pool of highly skilled aviators that would support our growth.”

The final list of the cadet pilots to join the first batch of Cebu Pacific Cadet Program will be completed in December 2017 while the training program will start as early as 2018. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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