Bangkok Traveller’s Guide

Travellers heading for South East Asia should not miss Thailand, and hopping a flight to Bangkok is often a great way to start a tour of this exciting country.

Buddha Statues in Bangkok
Buddha Statues in Bangkok

Bangkok enjoys a deserved reputation as one of the most exciting cities in this region, with an excellent array of attractions and amusements to offer visitors.

Before Travelling to Bangkok

As with all foreign destinations it is important for travellers heading for Bangkok to ensure that they are well prepared for their trips. Things to consider before departure include:

Bangkok Skyline
Bangkok Skyline

• Vaccinations – visitors heading for the Thai capital should have both their Typhoid and Hepatitis A vaccinations around two weeks before their intended date of travel.
• Entry Requirements – while it is not necessary for UK travellers to hold a visa to enter Thailand, those travelling to Bangkok will need valid return flights to Bangkok or an onward ticket as those with one way tickets may be refused entry by the country’s immigration officials.
• Packing – Pack light, be aware that additional clothing well suited to the climate can be bought cheaply in Bangkok itself. Be aware of the country’s super strict drug legislation and do not carry anything into Thailand for anyone else, ensure that no one else has access to your luggage in advance of departure.

How to Behave in Bangkok

Grand Palace Bangkok
Grand Palace Bangkok

While Bangkok may be a vibrant, permissive, modern city the Thai people are reserved and respectful and travellers should ensure that they are aware of the best way to behave in the area. Top tips to get along well in Thailand include:

• Greeting – The traditional Thai greeting is called a Wai and involved pressing hands together palm to palm. Younger people should offer this greeting first in a meeting situation as a sign of respect.
• Affection – While Bangkok may be the start of a romantic getaway, affectionate displays should be kept for behind closed doors. Public kissing and cuddling is frowned upon by traditional Thais.
• Apparel – Visitors should dress appropriately for the venue. Shorts and sandals may be fine for the beach, but those intending to tour some other sites should be aware of the requirements. For example, when visiting traditional temples in the Bangkok area travellers should cover up to show their respect.
• Body Language – The way in which people position themselves and interact physically with others has great importance in Thailand. Feet should not be pointed at anyone at any time (visitors should be aware of positioning when relaxing) no one should never pat a person on the head in Thailand – this is seen as insulting rather than an affectionate gesture.

Khao San Road Bangkok
Khao San Road Bangkok

What to See in Bangkok

Once visitors have arrived safely and settled into Thai life there are a wide variety of attractions on offer.
Visitors can choose from beautiful sandy beaches, breathtaking traditional temples and amazing wildlife watching on jungle tours or opt for some superb scuba at world-renowned dive sites all within easy reach of Bangkok.

The city itself enjoys an exciting nightlife scene, with something on offer to suit all tastes from the out there ladyboy cabarets, to cosmopolitan rooftop cocktail bars or even a cultural show at the puppet theatre.
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