Top Things to do in the Philippines During Rainy Season

Fun Activities in the Philippines During Rainy Season

Let’s face it, the rain can be huge in the Philippines and not everyone knows how to deal with it. But the good news is that it can take just a bit of outside-the-box thinking and you’ll actually learn to enjoy those rainy days too! Here are my favorite ideas for what to do when it’s raining, raining, raining.

SM Mall of Asia by Roberto Verzo

What to do in the Philippines During Rainy Season?

Shop ’til you Drop

Most obviously, you can just go to the mall – or to one of the many malls that people frequent every day. Manila is the shopping capital of Asia.

Greenhills Shopping Mall spektrograf

It has the biggest mall in Asia as well as more malls than any other city in Asia. So you really can shop through the rainy season.

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Rainy Season in Boracay Island

Go to the Beach

Again – if you’re going to be all wet, it doesn’t matter if the water’s coming out of the sky. Because it’s hot here all year round, rain doesn’t mean cold. All it means is that you have to adjust your planning a bit. Rainy Season in the Philippines means you can have the entire stretch of Beach by yourself, just choose your destination – you have thousands of beaches to choose from. Bring a bigger umbrella where you can put your snacks, drinks, and beach gear. And make sure the towels stay in the car for afterwards! Also be prepared to get stranded just in case you decided to visit a remote island with limited transportation options.

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Scuba Diving in the Philippines by nicolas-voisin

Water Sports

You’re wet already when you’re in the water, so why not go on rainy days? Good way to avoid a sunburn, too. You can enjoy water sports at the beach or on the river. It’s not cold, remember? It’s just wet!

Whale Shark Interaction in Oslob Cebu by Janey

Some of my favorites are scuba diving or snorkeling (yup, things look great underwater, even when it’s raining). In a really heavy rain and especially at the beginning of the season, the water closer to shore can be a bit murky. But if you check conditions, you’ll find that the underwater conditions are different from the rest.

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River Kayaking in San Teodoro Oriental Mindoro

Even overwater options are fun. Everything from white water rafting to sea and river kayaking can be fun in the rain. Wakeboarding is a good time, although it depends on how much the wind is kicking up the water.

Guide to Siargao Surfing

Surfing is the same – if you don’t absolutely require glassy conditions to go for a surf, it’s fine to go on a rainy day. River tubing is especially hilarious. Again, all these sports are fun and wet, so as long as it’s not too cold – and thanks to our great warm climate it won’t be – it’ll still be fun with a bit of rain.

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Ardent Hot Springs in Camiguin

Hot Springs and Spas

A nice spa day is a good idea anytime, but especially when rainy weather makes you feel gloomy. Pamper yourself with a trip to a wellness center and get a massage after soaking in the tub and sweating in the sauna. Water spas are also really fun, even outdoor options.

Maquinit Hot Springs

The rain falling while you’re in a warm pool is fun and relaxing. Hot springs trips are a good time in the rain, too.

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Try Indoor Sports and perhaps some Yoga

If you’re not into water sports, there are always indoor sports like indoor rock climbing or a trip to the gym. Motivate yourself to get in shape during rainy days by trying a session with a personal trainer.

Mixed Cold Cuts in Ying Ying Binondo

Food Trip

If you read my blog often, you know that I love to explore great Filipino food spots, both famous and hidden, as yet unknown treasures. If you will be visiting Manila, read my Top 10 Must-Visit Restaurants in Binondo.

Classic Bulalo

Visit Tagaytay City and eat Bulalo or how about Lomi in Batangas?. Design a food tour that involves meals or tasting menus, as well as treats and street food. You’ll be busy all day – and very full.

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Visit Vigan Ilocos Sur

Cultural, Spiritual, and Heritage Sites

The Philippines is full of beautiful old churches, well preserved and maintained ancestral houses, and historical as well as art museums. Learn more about the options within the city or take a road trip to a place out of town that’s off the beaten path. You don’t need a sunny day to enjoy history and culture, or to take a cool, relaxing time out in a historical church.

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Staycation – Best Activities to Do this Wet Season in the Philippines

A staycation is what you do when what you really need is some quiet, relaxing time at home. Sometimes going on vacation can be just as stressful as day-to-day life. Planning, logistics, packing, and the money you’re going to spend can feel overwhelming if you’re exhausted from a stressful week at work. Find a way to stay home and take a break. Maybe go to a local museum if you’ve got the energy. The key is taking it easy and enjoying your free time.

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Published on: Jun 21, 2014
Updated June 16, 2018

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