The Magic of Kerala

Kerala, India — Standing in the tea plantation within the hills of Munnar, on a curvy landscape of emerald green that stretches out as far as the eye can see. With only the sound of tropical birds and the sight of the misty mountains. This is Kerala; this is ‘Gods own Country.’

Munnar Kerala Tea Plantations
Kerala Sunset

Kerala certainly doesn’t disappoint with this promise of ‘God’s own country.’ The lush green southern part of India has a relaxed and laidback way of life. With 600km of Arabian coastline and beaches, interconnected canals and waterways, and jungles rich with biodiversity. Kerala has it all and more.

A journey into a water world

Kerala’s backwaters run parallel to the Arabian coastline, which can be explored by canoe tours, kayaking, or the famous houseboats. The houseboats are spectacular to look at, with their thatched coconut curved roofs. They were formally used for transporting rice and spices to the Kochi port and now serve as a popular tourist attraction. You can book an overnight stay and have your very own crew that attends to all your needs while you sit back and take in the surroundings.

Houseboat in Kerala India
Inside Kerala Houseboat

Discovering the backwaters by canoe is a heavenly and authentic experience. A canoe or kayak enables you to squeeze through narrow canals that lead you through towns and villages. Where you can expect tranquil, calm water, the sound of nature, the sun glistening through the canopy of palm trees above and formidable eagles diving and catching fish before your very eyes. Villagers use the canal for many things; you can see them going about their day, washing clothes, and fishing.

Kerala is a strikingly beautiful place on earth

The inhabitants of Kerala are warm and friendly, with a culture of respect and pride. This endearing nature of Malayalis locals and Indian tourists will make it an unforgettable holiday as you cannot escape their kindness and curiosity. Tourists seem to be welcomed with open arms and their camera phones at the ready for a selfie with you.

Cultural Performers in Kerala

The ideal time to see Kerala in its full bloom, is during the monsoon season, around the end of October. At this time, the vegetation flourishes due to the downpour of rain and bursts of sunshine, with temperatures of 25 to 35 degrees centigrade.

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