Resort Review: Oceans Edge Resort in Carabao Island, Romblon

A cliffside Paradise in Carabao Island

Oceans Edge Resort Resort Review

San Jose, Romblon — There are days when we wish we were in some faraway place giving ourselves the peace of mind we all deserve. I guess several weeks ago this urge to be somewhere else surfaced.

Boat Ride from Caticlan to Carabao Island

It all started when I saw on Facebook a photo of a dreamy infinity pool fronting the sea. I was surprised when I found out that this place was located on Carabao Island in Romblon. When I first set foot on the island about a decade ago, everything was laidback but insanely beautiful. Seeing this kind of development was really a welcoming surprise. After browsing some photos of it, I then told myself that I should be here. And so I placed this destination in my bucket list for 2020.

Welcome to Carabao Island

Several days after, I got an email invite from the Department of Tourism (DOT) MIMAROPA for a Romblon Media Fam Trip. What an interesting coincidence, right? Surprisingly, our first stop was going to be—guess what–in Carabao Island in Romblon. And who would have thought that the resort which I just recently included in my staycation bucket list was going to be, in fact, our home in Carabao Island for a night? It was too good to be true, but I guess all the stars were aligned at that time. Everything was going to be fantastic. I knew I had to write about this.

Hotel Location

Ocean’s Edge Resort is a cliffside luxury resort located in Carabao Island in the town of San Jose, Romblon. It is a tropical island paradise that can be reached by boat from Boracay in less than an hour. Although travel to and fro either island doesn’t take too much time, the islands seem worlds apart.

Oceans Edge Front Desk

Carabao Island is almost twice as big as Boracay with no traffic, no beach peddlers, no noisy bars, and no flooded streets during the rainy season. Don’t get me wrong. I still love Boracay, but as we get older, we start to appreciate quieter space and more tranquil surroundings where we can enjoy all shades of blue, watch the beautiful sunset, eat good food, and drink a glass of wine in our own private veranda.

Fantastic View from Dapit-Hapon Lounge

The resort is also just a few minutes away by boat from Carabao Island’s popular tourist attractions, the Cathedral Cave and Koding Koding Point.

Arrival Experience

Upon arrival at the Ocean’s Edges Resort (hotel info), we were welcomed by their friendly staff members who gave us a flower garland made from ivory flowers. They also provided us with cold towels and gave us some refreshments in the form of lemongrass and ginger concoction. Of course, the best welcome for me was seeing the incredible view of the open sea from the resort’s beautiful infinity pool.

Arrival Experience at Oceans Edge Resort
Oceans Edge Resort’s Welcome Drink
View of Infinity Pool from the resort’s reception area

After finishing our drinks, we got our room keys and headed to our villas to freshen up. At this point in time, since we have just arrived, I decided to just relax and unwind.


I stayed at room 201B, one of their Mumi-Muni Cliff Villas which are spacious 60-square-meter well-maintained rooms dedicated to sunset lovers and deep thinkers. Cascading down the cliff-side, the Maharlika Presidential Suites, Muni-Muni Cliff Villas, and Kalinaw Studio Villas blend indigenous materials and modern architecture with panoramic ocean views.

King Size Bed inside Muni Muni Villa

“To muni-muni” in Filipino means “to meditate or to reflect”. As the name suggests, room 201B is a private villa where we can daydream and relax while we appreciate the lush green environment and the vastness of the ocean in our private veranda.

Sofa, TV and Minibar
Inside Muni-Muni Villa

That’s what happened to me. I found myself staying by the terrace enclosing the villa contemplating on life as I see the wonderful view of the far horizon. I thought I would definitely enjoy destressing at the villa especially during the wee hours of the morning when the soft breeze coming from the sea begins to hit my face.

Workdesk inside my Villa

Well-lit and properly maintained, the villa offers a king-sized bed where a Filipino contemporary artwork adds more color to the room. It has a huge glass-walled bathroom complete with a hot and cold rain shower, a beautiful sink paired with a clean toilet bowl, and a rack of bath towels, hand towels, and bathrobes.

Bathroom with a view inside Muni-Muni Villa

This Muni-Muni Villa, to me, has served as an extension of my home since I can make use of appliances (TV, coffee maker, refrigerator, hairdryer), place my clothes in its functional closet, and do work-related activities on a wooden work desk. Complimentary coffee and safety deposit boxes are also within reach. All that’s needed to do is to contact the staff if I need something else like ice, drinking water refill etc.

Oceans Edge Toiletries
Oceans Edge Premium Toiletries

Since the weather in Carabao Island can be unpredictable, the staff provided me with an umbrella, a buri hat, and a buri bag just in case I would want to chill outside and stroll along the beach. The staff also handed out premium toiletries placed inside biodegradable containers. Moreover, the resort also provides nightly turndown service which I really appreciate. The comfort and coziness the villa brings is really commendable.

View from Veranda
Sunset from my Private Veranda
Kalinaw Studio Villas
Munimuni Cliff Villa Sunset

All of the villas look like traditional huts whose roofs are covered with cogon grass which are presented like that to give off that inviting Filipino vibe. It’s definitely all about living away from the polluted city life.

Green Resort

I’m really fortunate to have witnessed positive developments in Carabao Island. The last time I saw it, I already knew it was full of potential to become the next go-to destination in the MIMAROPA region. I don’t want to call it the next Boracay because we know what happened to it due to excessive development without keeping environmental sustainability in mind.

Infinity Pool at Oceans Edge Carabao Island

During our stay, we had the chance to interview Miss Claribelle Alfeche, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Oceans 11 Property Development Inc. She mentioned that they really want to market the property as a green resort not just to tap a niche market, but also to set a good example for incoming property developers who plan to invest and build new resorts in the island.

Refillable Glass Water Bottles

In an effort to become a sustainable resort, they began using bags and drinking straws made from cassava bioplastic which are biodegradable. Although they are still providing soaps in small plastic containers, she mentioned that the liquid soap, shampoo, and lotion containers are all biodegradable too. To minimize plastic waste, the resort is also providing complimentary refillable glass water bottles for their guests. At night, some parts of the resort make use of solar-powered lamps in an effort to conserve electricity.

Drinking Water in Refillable Glass Containers

The town of San Jose headed by Mayor Ronnie Samson is also making sure that the property developers are strictly following environmental laws and taking measures to prevent the destruction of marine habitats such as proper sewage and wastewater management.

Sunset from Muni Muni Villa

Miss Lealyn Pablo, San Jose’s Tourism Officer, shared that their tourist arrivals for the first quarter of the year had almost doubled in comparison to last year’s record.

Food and Beverage

At the Bahandi Clubhouse, Ocean’s Edge Resort’s in-house restaurant, everyone can expect a delicate farm-to-plate dining where one can have a choice from local to international cuisine.

Buffet Breakfast

Delicious servings of Pinoy favorites like adobo and afritada, and other Asian flavors like pad thai are waiting to be tasted. Note that 80% of the vegetable and poultry they use in their delectable dishes come from their own all-natural farm. Buckets of fresh seafood are also brought in by local fisherman. Hence, we can say whatever is served inside the Bahandi Clubhouse are fresh, healthy and good for the soul.

Chef’s Salad

In addition to their luscious dishes, the resort’s exceptionally striking views of the surrounding waters make for a complete dining experience at the Bahandi Clubhouse. There really is no better way to get a full tummy at Carabao Island than to be in Ocean’s Edge Resort.

Chicken Afritada
Oceans Edge Vegetable, Poultry and Flower Farm

Now for us who wants to take a sip of our favorite beverages, Dapit-Hapon Lounge offers a line-up of thirst-quenching drinks, beers, and cocktails to help keep our mind fresh and working despite the intense heat. Let’s pop open that ice-cold beer while we walk along the coast and watch the sun relinquish its throne in the sky. Always take by heart not to throw away trash nor dispose of bottles anywhere as these may be hazardous to all forms of life.

Resort Facilities

Aside from lying in the big comfy bed, listening to the bird’s chirp, trying out different dishes, and watching the sun set, there’s so much more to do outside the resort.

Beautiful Sunset from our Muni Muni Villa

One can go uncover the beauty of nature in this mesmerizing island by engaging in activities like snorkeling, spelunking, cliff jumping, kayaking, and scuba diving.


Even if it was just a short stay—took only just one night–I felt really relaxed and ready for our next adventure. One of their Ati staff even offered to help me in bringing my luggage to the boat. Ocean’s Edge Resort employs local indigenous Ati people as part of its commitment to help the local indigenous community of Carabao Island.

Ati Staff – Meet the brothers Eunel, Rodney and Reynante. They belong to the Ati tribe of Carabao Island.

Turning itself into a green resort, this luxury tourist haven grants an all-access pass to the alluring beauty, pristine shores, pleasant greeneries, and the simple countryside life that Carabao Island can provide.

Oceans Edge Infinity Pool Sunset

Staying on this island is one sure way to cap the year off. As for me, it’s one awesome place checked off my bucket list. Till we meet again, Carabao Island.

How to Get There

From Manila via Caticlan

The nearest jump-off point to Carabao Island is Caticlan. Cebu Pacific offers daily flights to Caticlan Airport. From Caticlan, the resort offers scheduled private boat transfers from Caticlan to Ocean’s Edge Resort. Contact the resort for rates and boat schedule by emailing them at

Other Ways to Reach Caticlan

  • Fly to Kalibo Airport and travel to Caticlan
  • Fly to Iloilo City then 6-hour land trip to Caticlan
  • Board a ship via Batangas bound for Caticlan
From Manila via Tablas
Cebu Pacific Manila to Tablas Romblon Flight Schedule as of November 2019

Cebu Pacific offers flights from Manila to Tablas thrice weekly. These one-hour-and-twenty-five-minute-long flights are usually scheduled on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The cheapest one-way ticket fare is estimated at around Php 2500. For more information, visit Cebu Pacific Air via

Address: Inihawan, Lanas, San Jose, Carabao Island, Romblon, Philippines
Mobile: (+63) 908 136 33.19
Phone: (+63.32) 416.4021
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Disclosure: This Romblon Fam Trip was made possible by Cebu Pacific, Strategic Works, Inc, Department of Tourism MIMAROPA, and Dream Favor Travel and Tours

Relaxing Place with Awesome Views

Oceans Edge Resort Review

Turning itself into a green resort, this luxury tourist haven grants an all-access pass to the alluring beauty, pristine shores, pleasant greeneries, and the simple countryside life that Carabao Island can provide.

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