Mövenpick Resort & Spa Boracay officially opens its doors to the public

Mövenpick Resort & Spa Boracay

I have to admit, I only go to White Beach when in Boracay. Call me unadventurous, lazy, even boring, but I always felt more comfortable hanging around stations 1, 2, and 3; Especially at nighttime.

Mövenpick Boracay’s 312 rooms are spread all throughout the cove in these modern designed buildings.

There’s just something alluring and magical about walking along White Beach at night for me. On one side, the boundless ocean, the bracing sea breeze, and the moon and stars above; on the other side, bright lights and the mixed noises of the locals and tourists.

Differently designed lounge chairs in Mövenpick Boracay’s beach.

Walking along stations 1 to 3, amidst the whirl and the surge of humanity, I feel a sort of ease and happiness that I rarely experience outside of Boracay. The white noise of Boracay, with its unique lights and sounds, is intoxicating. Not to mention the numerous nights I spent there happy and drunk with friends. Good memories all.

A recent media tour, however, brought me away from my beloved comfort zone in Boracay. I was skeptical at first. What place in Boracay can be more fun than White Beach? But in the end, I discovered that the trip was a happy detour, indeed.

The beach of Mövenpick Boracay. The resort boasts a 200 meter private beach, the longest single stretch of beach in the island.

Last January, Mövenpick Resorts & Spa Boracay officially opened it’s doors to the public. Travelers and property aficionados will recognize the Swiss brand for their famed world-class accommodations, which can be found all over the world; from Egypt, Thailand, Maldives, even Tunisia.

Mövenpick Boracay

Going to Mövenpick Boracay was a breeze. From the Caticlan Jetty Port, which is just a stone’s throw away from Caticlan Airport, we went straight to Punta Bunga Cove, wherein the new hotel is situated. The boat ride took only a few minutes.

It was a queer feeling not going first to Cagban Jetty Port and then taking a tricycle to White Beach, but the boat ride to Mövenpick was an altogether new and exciting experience.

The boat ride to the cove gave us a fantastic view of the resort, with its welcoming beach lounge chairs and inviting shoreline bar. First to welcome you are the sight of the thoroughly modern looking buildings, which hug the outline of the cove closely.

The huge swimming pool is the second thing you see. The pools are one of the most expansive I’ve seen, a full 3,300 square meters of water, all built within the confines of the resort.

The humungous swimming pool in Mövenpick Boracay. A full 3,300 square meters of water, all told.

Apart from the swimming pool, the resort boasts another water feature, the beach itself. According to Mövenpick Resort & Spa Boracay Marketing Communication Manager Kristine Facto, the resort has the longest single stretch of beach shoreline in the island, a full 200 meters, all told.

Since we arrived at the resort in the afternoon, we were able to experience a signature feature in Mövenpick hotels, the chocolate hour. This magical time, which happens in all Mövenpick hotels, is a god sent for chocolate lovers around the world.

The chocolate hour is a Mövenpick standard feature. Chunks of chocolate served buffet style. The sweets are tooth-achingly good; perfect for sweet-tooths.

Since the Swiss are well known for their love of chocolates, all Mövenpick hotels have chocolate hour, a time when their café serve all things chocolate, buffet style. Guests can get as many bars of differently flavored chocolates as their tummies can hold. In the Philippines, chocolate hour starts at around 5 PM, perfect for a late merienda cena.

The authentic Neapolitan style oven of Brezza restaurant. This authentic Italian-style oven can churn out a thin crust pizza, Neapolitan style, in just 90 seconds!

After the late afternoon snack at the café, we went to check out our rooms. As expected of a premium 4-star hotel, the accommodations were excellent. The rooms were clean, and brilliantly designed with Island themed colors of sea green, brown, and marsala colors. The hotel has a total of 312 rooms, each housed in different building spread throughout the cove.

Wallpapers featuring aquatic scenes complete the entire Island-style design aesthetic. The beds were comfy, the air-conditioner cooled the room adequately, and the flat screen television has all the channels you need to make the perfect staycation.

The Premium Sea View room, one of the room choices in Mövenpick Boracay.

But why stay in your room when various delights are within your reach in the resort? For foodies, the property has numerous dining options, but most notable is Brezza restaurant, with its authentic Neapolitan cuisine.

For those who want a relaxing night before going to the beach, the Sagay Spa can offer massages that can destress even the most anxiety-ridden guests. A fitness center is also found in the resort, for those who can’t fathom a day going by without going to the gym.

The resort also features a myriad of indoor and outdoor meeting and event venues, which are designed to suit all occasions, from board meetings to weddings.

Movenpick Boracay Beachfront

With all these amenities and conveniences in one place, one might forget to actually go to the beach.

The private beach of Mövenpick Boracay is perfect for those who wish to escape the congestion of White Beach.

For those compelled to go to White Beach, and leave the quiet and serene private beach of Mövenpick, hourly free transportation to Station 2 is offered by the hotel.

At the opening ceremony of Mövenpick Resort & Spa Boracay, General Manager Albert Ocasio shared that “It’s a proud moment for us to officially launch this incredible property and we are sure that guests from around the world will be delighted to stay here and enjoy the natural beauty, delicious food, warm hospitality and varied attractions that make Boracay one of the world’s most attractive destinations.”

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Punta Bunga Cove, Barangay Yapak, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan 5608 Philippines
Phone: +63 36 288 2256 local 4120 | Mobile: +63 917 539 0794
E-Mail: kristine.facto@movenpick.com | Web: www.movenpick.com/boracay

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