List of Top Instagram-Worthy Spots in Hong Kong

Most Instagrammable Places in Hong Kong

Hong Kong was basically built for Instagram. The breathtaking skyscrapers, amazing food, beautiful beaches, vibrant neon signs, and unbelievably gorgeous rocks. There is plenty of photo op in the city than just its spectacular skyline. Below are top Instagram-Worthy spots in Hong Kong that will help you get those likes rolling in.

Chi Lin Nunnery

Chi Lin Nunnery via

This magical place is set in the midst of beautiful skyscrapers. When you get to Chin Lin Nunnery, you immediately feel the tranquility and peace, uncharacteristic of the bustling city of Hong Kong. The complex contains the Maitreya Hall as well as a number of elegant wooden buildings. At the back, you can find perfectly manicured gardens which are also photogenic.

Golden Bauhinia Square

Golden Bauhinia Square by

Golden Bauhinia Square is a site harboring great cultural experience to the people of Hong Kong. It attracts a huge number of visitors each day, both local and foreigners. The site also hosts the daily flag-raising ceremony from 7.50 am and last for 10 minutes. From Golden Bauhinia, one can enjoy amazing views of the Kowloon side of Victoria Harbor.

Lugard Road

Lugard Road by

If you are looking for a perfect spot to view Victoria Harbor, Lugard Road is second to none. To get a perfect view of the iconic Victoria Harbor skyline, walk up the Victoria Peak on Lugard Road.

Ngong Ping 360

Ngong Ping 360 by

The 25-minute cable car ride offers several photo op along the journey. The only downside is that the windows of the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car don’t open thus you need to be a very skillful photographer to come out with perfect Instagram shots. Perhaps, practice some ‘through-glass shots before starting the cable car ride.

Sky100 Observation Deck

Sky100 Observation Deck by

This spot got its name because it is located on the 100th floor of the International Commerce Center in West Kowloon, and it also happened to be the 10th tallest building in the world. Here, you will have a different angle of Victoria Harbor skyline. The Sky 100 Observation Deck is also perfect because of its indoor nature, not even bad weather can prevent you from taking great shots.

Yick Cheong Building

Yick Cheong Building by Chor Hung Tsang via unsplash

Yick Cheong Building is also called Monster Building. It is a popular building, especially after it was featured on the movie ‘Transformers – Age of Extinction’. Due to residents’ complaints, the management of the building has banned photography.

Tai O Fishing Village

Tai O Fishing Village by

This place offers a great photo op and a chance to interact with the traditional way of life of the local villagers in Hong Kong.

Sai Wan Swimming Shed

Sai Wan Swimming Shed by

The sole swimming shed in the entire city of Hong Kong, and it is open to the public daily. Get here for great photos of seaside and crashing waves.

Lion’s Pavilion

Lions Pavilion by

Another different angle to take a shot of Hong Kong skyline, Lion’s Pavilion is located left of the Peak Tower.

Wisdom Path

Wisdom Path by

There are numerous walking trails from Ngong Ping Village, but the most outstanding is the Wisdom Path, which has 38 wooden steles with century-old Heart sutra verses.

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