Lambana: Interact With Kapre, Sirena, Nuno and More in This Immersive Theater in Eastwood Mall

Filipino folklore is alive in Tipsy Tales

Manila, Philippines — I’ve never been to an immersive theater, but then again, are there a lot of people who have? After all, it’s a rare attraction in the city, especially in this age where online streaming took over the more traditional and, at a certain point in time, more familiar forms of entertainment.

Lambana takes audiences on a whimsical adventure

All this changed when Team Out of Town have been invited to a preview show by Tipsy Tales, “Manila’s first fully immersive experience on Filipino folklore,” at Eastwood Mall in Quezon City recently.

Lambana’s enchanted forest

Titled Lambana, the production’s debut concept features a 75-minute journey in a maze of thematically-designed “rooms.” The protagonist—which is you, the audience—will have to interact with mythical creatures like nuno sa punso (goblin), sirena (mermaid), kapre and more in the make-believe world of Lambana, which derives from the word pixie or diwata in Philippine mythology.

Enter the forest but be careful who you trust as elementals can be quite deceptive!

The narrative begins in a quintessential Filipino home, where you are visiting your grandmother. You will be surprised that she fondly calls you by your name, as well as personal touches in the space like your college or highschool diploma that she displays on her aparador. Things will take an exciting twist once you meet Mara, a duwende (dwarf) with wide eyes and playful voice.

How will the story go on from there, you ask? Well, that depends on you.

Nuno sa punso carrying an agimat

The unique thing about Lambana is that it’s never the same show twice. The actors have a guide script and storyline, sure, but the story, set, and endings will vary based on the choices and actions that you make while you’re on the show.

According to founders Quina Baterna and Wayne Yeang, who both worked corporate jobs before finally setting up an immersive theater, said that this concept is a first in the country.

Reminiscent of a traditional Filipino home, lola’s living room is where you’ll begin your journey

“Even among immersive theaters around the world, [shows like this] are often based on Western literature. We really wanted to be a company who creates more Asian stories, like local folklore, which is the first show we’ve done,” says Quina.

She adds, “If you think about it it’s such an interesting and complex part of our culture yet, from a tourism standpoint, is not given enough attention, which is a waste because there are a lot of materials for these.”

Ticket prices:

  • Regular Ticket Php2,000/pax
  • Student Discount Php1,700/pax
  • Senior Citizen Discount Php1,500/pax
  • PWD Discount Php1,500/pax

This experience can accommodate a group of up to 15 people. You have the option to play with your own group or combine your own with other groups.

Tipsy Tales is a new _immersive theater_ attraction at Eastwood Mall in Libis, Quezon City

You can also choose your preferred schedule and the language (English or Filipino) that you want the show to be in upon booking your tickets through their website or through walk-in transactions. For those groups with children below 12 years old, inform the staff first so the actors can prepare accordingly.

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