Club Paradise Palawan: Exclusive Rustic Charm meets Unparalleled Customer Experience

Club Paradise Palawan Resort Review

It was a warm and exceptionally curated welcome. The smooth airport pick up, convenient speed boat transfer, welcoming serenades, sweet alcohol-free margarita, gleeful atmosphere, delightful afternoon delicacies, heartfelt staff greetings, and unparalleled customer service all contributed to the one of a kind resort experience.

Club Paradise Coron Palawan

Club Paradise Palawan (resort info) offers not just exclusivity but a total escape package that sets you free from harsh life realities and cleansed you from toxic daily grinds. Though temporarily, it helps you rethink your possibilities, reconsider your options, and plan for the right direction. Communing with nature is an excellent way to replenish your good mantra, and Club Paradise offers more than that.

Dimakya Island, where Club Paradise Palawan exclusively stands

Though the pristine white sand that clad its beachfront and the comfortable accommodation options that dot its premises make the stay more fun and comfortable, the total customer experience and the rustic charm make the stay truly remarkable.

Coexisting with Nature

Under Forest Land Use Agreement for Tourism (FLAgT), the resort stands exclusively on a government property, Dimakya Island, where monitor lizards, hawksbills, fruit bats, night herons, asian glossy starlings, and eurasian tree sparrows can crawl and fly freely. You can see them crossing the walkways, hopping from tree to tree, and crawling across the beach.

Kayaking in Club Paradise Coron

If you are lucky, you may spot a family of dugongs feeding on the seagrass under the clear, aquamarine waters that surround the island.

The Al Fresco Reception and Dugong Bar

Uniquely designed for both socials and receiving guests, the alfresco reception considers sustainability in mind. Instead of providing an energy-depleting air-conditioning units, the design allows harnessing the sea breeze to provide ventilation for the guests. For seasons when the wind is scarce, the more energy-efficient electric fan installations do the job.

The alfresco reception

The lighting fixtures that are embellished with colorful, locally made enclosures added an elegant feel to the resort’s rustic charm.

Custom beach dining arrangement

The Dugong Bar sits at the opposite side of the reception desks, and has a good vantage of the island’s beautiful sunset. It offers refreshments and wide selection of wines, local beers, cocktails, and other spirits. Imagine watching the sky morphing its color as the sun sets while you sip your glass of wine. The thought of it is just perfect.

Suites and Villas

Club Paradise Palawan has 50 suites and villas and is planning to open more in the coming years. The sunset villas are designed for couples and honeymooners with close proximity to the beachfront. It has a private balcony with a hammock and comfortable sofa. The sunrise villas, on the other hand, are mostly bigger and are good for family. It offers a refreshing view of the endless ocean and the island’s beautiful fauna. Meanwhile, the garden suites features a private balcony and stunning view of the lush greenery.

Sunset Villa Deluxe Room

Fire Fish Restaurant

The food at the resort’s only restaurant is exceptional. Chef Alex, the executive chef, carefully curate the menu and the dining options. It offers a wide range of local and international cuisines that will definitely satisfy your cravings.

If you want the dining experience a lot noteworthy and exclusive, you can arrange to do it at the beach or at the comfort of your villa’s balcony.

A fancy boodle fight lunch

Environmental sustainability is not only considered in its drinking water processing and energy use but also in the resort kitchen. Club Paradise Palawan has its own farm, called Taranuman, where some of the ingredients used in cooking are sourced.

Chu-che Pla, a Thai dish made from pan-fried barramundi fish, red curry with coconut milk, kaffir lime, and steamed rice

Fresh herbs and vegetables, such as lettuce, basil, eggplant, chili pepper, mustard greens, and snow cabbage are harvested from Taranuman. Not to mention, the ingredients of the resort’s signature welcome drink, the alcohol-free margarita, are also sourced from the Taranuman.

Sticky rice with mango jelly

In addition, the scrap food from the restaurant are used as organic fertilizer. The food cycle is part of the sustainable and eco-friendly project that is dubbed as EcoConserve.

Your stay in Club Paradise Palawan is not only for personal leisure but also for environmental protection. Because you are a resort guest, you are automatically part of it.

Island Hopping Tour

You won’t run out of things to do on the island resort. You can snorkel or scuba dive to explore the stunning marine communities below its surrounding waters, challenge yourself at the rope relay, go kayaking or paraw sailing, hike to the Eagles Point, or lounge comfortable at the pool.

boat transfer Club Paradise Palawan

But if you want to explore off its cost, join the island hopping tour. It will bring you to Malpagalen, Dimalanta, and Diatoy Islands.

Malpagalen Island

Malpagelen Island or an Island without trees features a gorgeous white sand bar that protrudes on one end and towering limestone cliffs on the other. It sits remarkably on the translucent, turquoise waters of Coron.

Malpagalen Island

Since there is no shade, you may need to bring a beach umbrella so you can comfortable lounge on its powdery, white sand beach.

Dimalanta Island

Dimalanta Island is uninhabited and is covered with lush vegetation. This unassuming island hides a vibrant marine ecosystem underneath its surrounding waters.

Red pipe corals

Dimalanta is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving activities.

Diatoy Island

Abundant greenery wraps Datoy Island and a long white strip swathed it edge.

The resort-owned island also offers a sprawling underwater wonder, so make sure that you put on your snorkel as you swim on its deep.

Beach trees at Diatoy Island
Diatoy Island

If you book a boodle fight lunch, it is perfect to have it in Datoy Island. It has shower, comfort room, and other beach facilities.

A Gem Worth Exploring

The pristine surroundings, comfortable accommodations, excellent service, and the undying commitment to sustainable tourism definitely make Club Paradise Palawan (resort info) a gem that is worth discovering.

Club Paradise Sunset villa

The resort recently received another accolade. It was recognized as the global winner in the Luxury Family Beach Resort category in the 2019 World Luxury Hotel Awards!

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Truly World-Class

Club Paradise Palawan Resort Review

The pristine surroundings, comfortable accommodations, excellent service, and the undying commitment to sustainable tourism definitely make Club Paradise Palawan a gem that is worth discovering.

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