Batangas Lakelands: Enjoy a sunset cruise, an exhilarating helicopter ride, and visit a peaceful pilgrimage in Batangas

Batangas Lakelands is a place of many firsts just a “Netflix” Movie away from Manila

Batangas has always been synonymous with quick beach getaways. Honestly, as someone who is just a casual fan of beaches, the land of “ala eh” is rarely on top of my list for some brisk R&R—until last November 23 when Batangas Lakelands launched their “Great Getaway Adventures”. Apparently, there is so much more to do in Batangas besides swimming in beaches and eating lomi and goto.

Often overlooked by many because of the sheer size of the province, Batangas houses an easy entryway to the serene lake of Taal through the Amore point—which is just 90 minutes away from the city (this was true on a Saturday morning by the way, so travel time may change should you decide to head there on a weekday). What’s more is that Batangas Lakelands, a collection of adventure and activity-filled properties, now offers multiple ways to enjoy Batangas in a new light.

Now, I’ve been to many destinations this year, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to one which has bestowed so many “firsts” in just two days—and again, this is just an episode and a half of “Peaky Blinders” away from the taxing concrete jungle of Metro Manila. I say this because Batangas Lakelands offers visitors the chance to go on a lakeside adventure through land, water, and air tours.

Go on a Batangas Lakelands Land Adventure

The most steady (and cheapest) tour offered is a land tour. Those who avail of this bang-for-your-buck package will hop on the “artsy” Amore bus at the Lima Park Hotel. The bus will then transport you to a glorious 5-hectare sanctuary called the Marian Orchard. You’ll truly feel in touch with nature and spirituality in this well-planned pilgrimage site—I would seriously spend an entire day here. The site has numerous religious sculptures and prayer sites, fruit-bearing trees and colourful flowers, plus a perfect view of Mt. Maculot as you go on a reflective journey should you choose to take on a full-on stations of the cross experience.

The Marian Orchard has numerous religious sculptures and prayer sites, fruit-bearing trees and colourful flowers, plus a perfect view of Mt. Maculot

After a pilgrimage that will clear your mind and heart, the Amore bus will then take you to the Amore point (a pier that serves as the landing and staging point for the Taal Lake Cruise). Here, you’ll be able to catch a beautiful sun slowly setting on a magnificent Taal Lake.

Marian Orchard – A pilgrimage site in Batangas

The Batangas Lakelands land tour offers a PHP 2,200 and PHP 3,180 package per person. Both packages include a Marian Orchard and Amore point tour with snacks and dinner (the former package offers snacks and dinner at Amore Point while the latter offers snacks and dinner at the Lima Park Hotel Garden Room).

Cruise into the sunset at a beautiful Taal Lake

For a more romantic vibe (whether you’re with someone else or by yourself—nothing wrong with a little self-love), go on a cruise tour. The tour begins at the Amore Point where you can take “wallpaper-esque” panoramic photos of Taal Lake. After taking stunning photos, you will then hop on a “fancy” cruise-ship that will bring you to Lakepoint Manakah—a well-maintained lakeside area overlooking the lake.

Amore Point’s pier
View of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano at Lakepoint Manakah
Lakepoint Manakah is only accessible via water
Best of both worlds – Cruising around taal lake allows you see peaceful waters and a distant view of Mt. Maculot
Among the many activities offered at Lakepoint Manakah is Stand Up paddle boarding and kayaking

At Lakepoint Manakah, you can enjoy activities such as stand up paddleboarding, kayaking, and archery (Imagine kayaking while seeing peaceful waters, taal volcano on one side, and Mt Maculot on the other—unforgettable). There are also numerous “kubos” and a treehouse offering a stunning 360-degree view of the area all while you feast on a delicious Binalot meal. Finally, should you opt for the sunset cruise package, you can end your day with a golden view as the majestic sun turns taal lake into golden waters.

Enjoy a beautiful sunset as you chill inside Lakepoint Manakah’s treehouse

The Batangas Lake Cruise offers two variants: A sunset cruise and a morning cruise. The sunset cruise is priced at 4,200 pesos and includes snacks and a steak dinner at Lima Park Hotel’s Garden Room. The morning cruise is priced at 3,240 pesos and includes snacks and lunch at Amore Point.

Be in awe as you go on a fascinating helicopter ride

For adventure and thrill-seekers, an aerial tour is also offered. Guests can enjoy a breath-taking view via a state-of-the-art Bell Helicopter. Bell Textron, Inc. is an innovative aerospace manufacturer that produces high-quality and technologically advanced helicopters for the US military and commercial use—safe to say that this is as top-of-the-line and luxurious as you can get in terms of helitouring.

The world-class Bell Helicopter allows for a breath-taking view of the Taal Volcano crater.

The exhilarating ride will bring you above Batangas, offering an aerial view of the luscious Marian orchard followed by the calming waters of Taal Lake. The climax of the tour is when the helicopter approaches the Taal Volcano crater. I remember my heart beating rapidly as we neared the crater; and upon seeing it, I saw unparalleled beauty I wish I could see for days on end.

The exhilarating sky adventure costs 9,600 pesos. The aerial tour includes a Lunch or Steak Dinner at Limapark Hotel’s Garden room.

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