AirAsia Is Accepting Applications for Its ‘Dare to Fly! The Allstars Cadet Pilot Program’ – Here’s What We Know

AirAsia now accepting applications for the ‘Dare to Fly! The Allstars Cadet Pilot Program’

Manila, Philippines — If you are among those who wish to become pilots someday, now is your chance to reach your dream. AirAsia has recently announced it is now accepting applications for the “Dare to Fly! The Allstars Cadet Pilot Program.”

Dare to Fly Allstars Cadet Pilot Program by AirAsia

The aim, according to a press release from AirAsia, is to select as well as train aspiring young pilots.

In this program, AirAsia has teamed up with Omni Aviation Corporation in a bid to provide successful cadets with up to two years of technical and leadership training. It is to reach the competencies that are required by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines.

“AirAsia is proud to have the best pilots in the country and we will strive to train more young cadets with our partner Omni Aviation Corporation,” said Ricky Isla, the CEO of AirAsia Philippines. “Through the ‘Dare to Fly! The Allstars Cadet Pilot Program,’ we invite Filipinos to dare to dream with AirAsia.”

How to Register

If you are interested to register, all you have to do is scan the QR code provided by AirAsia and answer a free eligibility test. For you to be qualified, you have to be 21 to 28 years old and are college graduates of any course.

Allstars Cadet Pilot Program by AirAsia

Note that the application period starts today, Jan. 20, 2020, and runs until Feb. 20, 2020.

The company will be accepting 1,000 applicants based on the eligibility test results. From that number, 300 applicants will proceed to the final phases of the selection process, including further assessment tests with an aim to measure their psychomotor and cognitive skills.

Note, however, that corresponding fees of succeeding exams in the selection process are going to be shouldered by applicants.

The last step will be the final interview.

According to AirAsia, classes will start this coming March 2020 (that’s just around the corner).

Note also that this program is aimed to produce more than 10 cadet pilots for the first batch.

AirAsia, AirAsia X awarded as Asia’s top low-cost airline photo by @troyscanon via Unsplash

“AirAsia will advance partial training costs for Allstars (AirAsia employees) who are accepted into the program,” reads the press release of AirAsia.

What is good to note is that graduates will have the chance to work with AirAsia.

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