Ambassador in Paradise Resort & Restaurant Boracay : Sooo Pinoy Food Trip na Pilipinas!

March 15, 2012 – Sooo Pinoy Food Tour Day 4 in Boracay – Previous Post : Traviesa Restaurant.

For our last food stop for the day, we headed back to Station One to taste some of the delightful offerings of Ambassador in Paradise Restaurant. This restaurant is actually on my list of target restaurants to visit on Boracay and after our most recent visit to the restaurant,  I’m totally decided to really go back to this restaurant and try other dishes.

Chicken Binakol
Chicken Binakol

We were introduced to Chef Fortune Fulgar – a very hospitable guy and known as one of the best Chef in Boracay. He prepared his version of Chicken Binakol and a famous Pinoy Dessert Brazo de Mercedes for our visit.

Brazo de Mercedez
Brazo de Mercedes

We’ve been eating Chicken Binakol from various restaurants during our tour and I must say, Chef Fortune’s version is the best Chicken Binakol Ive tasted so far. What makes his Chicken Binakol different? He used coconut milk instead of coconut juice and his recipe has Truffle oil which makes the soup sooo flavorful.

Unlike the usual Brazo de Mercedes that we usually see in Bakeshops, His version is a so much different. Imagine a tube made of dark and white chocolate filled with soft meringue but instead of just filling it with golden yellow custard, he mixed sweet Jackfruit preserve with it. This is probably one of the best dessert I’ve ever tasted.

Thank you Unilever Food Solutions for letting me discover Boracay and its flavorgasmic offerings! Let us all support the Sooo Pinoy Campaign! To know more about the Sooo Pinoy campaign, food lovers are invited to like the Sooo Pinoy page on Facebook or follow @SoooPinoy on Twitter.

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