Airphil Express to offer Affordable Flights to Batanes!

Batanes Rolling Hills

Good News Everyone! Airphil Express will start selling Affordable Flights to Batanes on Feb 21, 2013 at 12:01am!
If visiting Batanes is on your Bucket list then you might get a chance now to visit the country’s most peaceful island. According to my ever reliable source, Airphil Express will soon offer Batanes flights starting May 2013. Yup! This is confirmed and you read it here first in

House of Dakay in Batanes
House of Dakay in Batanes

Airphil Express will be having 3 flights weekly and guess what.. The rates are definitely cheaper than the other airlines flight fares.

Airphil Express Flights to Batanes
Airphil Express Flights to Batanes

The Batanes island group is the smallest province in the Philippines in terms of both population and land area. Basco – the capital of Batanes is 280 kilometers north of Apari in Cagayan Valley. Out of 10 small islands in Batanes, only Batan, Sabtang, and Itbayat are inhabited.

Bicycle in Sabtang Island
Bicycle in Sabtang Island

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The locals are called Ivatan and they are well known for being honest, gentle and polite but brave and robust. How honest are they? Wait till you experience Batanes Honesty Coffee Shop

Aren’t you excited to see the rolling hills, valugan beach, house of dakay, the Sitio Songsong tsunami ruins, Ivatan Stone houses and the beautiful island of Sabtang. Now you can start planning your vacation, mark your calendar and prepare for next Ultimate Batanes Adventure.

Starting May 1, 2013, Airphil Express will fly three times weekly to Basco – the capital of Batanes Group of Islands.  APX flights will depart from Terminal 3 in Pasay City Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5:05AM, arriving Basco at 6:50AM. Return flights will be on the same days, departing Basco at 8:40AM, arriving Manila at 10:20am.

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