AirAsia to offer ASEAN Pass in January 2015

Right before the year ends, AirAsia was able to give us a gift that’s going to make travelers smile for 365 days in a year.

You may know AirAsia as a low cost carrier but don’t think that they skimp on providing great value for every kind of traveler. They have confirmed the launching of the AirAsia ASEAN Pass which will allow those with a dash of wanderlust in their veins to really make the most of their money. This ASEAN Pass utilizes pre-purchased credits so users can book flights at a fixed rate for over 147 routes.

AirAsia Asean Pass 2015
AirAsia Asean Pass 2015

AirAsia stated that this credit-based system will be treated like a single currency so the hassle of foreign exchange rates will be a problem left in the past. The value of routes will be according to their credits and in the list of featured routes, it can be from 1 credit up to a maximum of 8 credits for one-way flights. They didn’t hold back with additional benefits as you also earn BIG points, a rewards system that enables you to redeem free AirAsia flights.

So far there will be two options available for the ASEAN Pass — 10 credits for US$149 and 20 credits for US$269. Airport charges aren’t included in this pricing. The validity of this pass is for a month starting on the day of first travel.

Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Group CEO of AirAsia, stressed that the airline highly values the ASEAN Single Aviation Market (ASAM). He also said that the most convenient way to travel around ASEAN is by air as many countries are separated by large bodies of water and that the region is even home to the two largest archipelago nations in the world — The Philippines and Indonesia. He is confident that the introduction of the ASEAN Pass will boost air travel within the ASEAN communities and attract foreign tourists to the area at the same time.

Expect the commercial launch of the AirAsia ASEAN Pass to happen in mid-January 2015!
  1. Rupert says

    The pass is now available at RM499 for 10 credits valid for 30 days and RM888 for 20 credits valid for 60 days. Flights are 1 or 3 credits each, non-stop only. I just booked 11 flights with 19 credits over 30 days – availability was tough, but if you are flexible with dates and destinations, it’s a great deal! I posted some tips to make the most out of the ASEAN pass here:

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