It is important to take your vacation time. Certain individuals look forward to their vacations every year. Of course during your vacations it is important to get that R&R that you have so desperately been needing. But, it could be a nice change to add a few new extra curricular activities. Vacation time by yourself or with family and friends is really about enjoying your time. Some opportunities on vacation are once in a life and can be quite exciting. Trying something new could be worth your time. Even if you are not an adrenaline junky.

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Adventure Trip in Mount Pinatubo

Swimming with the Fishes: 

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Scuba Diving is an activity that you may have heard member of you family talk about. But the rush that comes with it is greater than anyone can express. In many area in the Caribbean. The Bahama’s is very ideal for this type of adventure. A water activity, such as Scuba Diving could be nice during the hot days. Luckily, Swimming is something that you can do at almost any age. Why not choose to swim with the sting-rays. Being this up close to a sea creature can be amazing. It is amazing,  underground caves in the crisp clean waters of the Atlantic. This will be something something that you will always treasure.

The Height Adrenaline Junkie: 

Cliff jumping can be one of the most exciting things to watch. At times you get the pleasure of watching an experience cliff divers climb to the top of the chosen cliff. Then before you know it he jumps off, falling 40-50 feet into the clear water. In areas such as Jamaica or other tropic areas. Instead of watching others do it, why not give it a try.  This is definitely a task of an individual not scared of heights. You should never try and do this on your own. If it is offered in your vacation area, there will be someone that will help teach you. Unlike bungie jumping, you won’t get motion sickness. While bungie jumping you are being jerked back up once you almost hit the bottom repeatedly.

The trip back home fills your head with many wonderful memories of adventure. You begin to remember all of the wonderful stories you get to share with loved ones. Instead of getting the normal gift for you family from vacation spots. Such as a key chain or a t-shirt, why not try something new. Pick someone in your family that you would like to play for their airplane flight to the same destination. An aviation gift could be something that they never forget. Instead of just being able to tell them about your adventures, they can have some of their own.

Vacations do not have to be something that is very predictable, think outside the box. Enjoy the adventures that you are able to have. Make the time that you spend with your family or friends something to remember. A good way to do so it with a little adrenaline. Experiment, do something that you have never done before and face your fears.



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