A Quick Indoor Workout For Travelers

plank as part of rotational push-ups

Quick Indoor Workout For Travelers 

Supposing you’re in a mountain resort somewhere in India, shacked in a cozy room with the amazing view of the surrounding terrain. You’re ready to go out for your morning exercise outdoors yet suddenly the rain pours and you are forced to stay indoors. Though it would be nice to relax and wait until your much-awaited breakfast is served, you would still prefer to boost your body and make room in your belly especially after that filling feast that transpired the night before.

stand straight and stomach in before doing a squat - Workout For Travelers
stand straight and stomach in before doing a squat – Workout For Travelers

Your best bet would then be is to either practice yoga or pilates or to accomplish a high-energy sequence of cross-fit exercises that would make you sweat and pumped up in less than half an hour.

The sample workout below addresses all the major parts of the body, exercising cardio, muscle endurance and stamina.

First is to do 10 speed squats. To do this, stand straight with your feet hip-width apart and flat on the ground. Keep you arms straight out and do a squatting position. With your heels pressed, extend your arms down, then jump as high as you can, and land softly with your knees bent.

plank as part of rotational push-ups
plank as part of rotational push-ups

Right after are 20 side lunges.  Stand straight, hip-width apart, hands on your hips or at your sides. With your abs tight, and hips pointing forward, take a big step to your right and bend your right knee 90 degrees. Do the same with your left.

Rotational Push-Ups
Rotational Push-Ups

Next is to do 10 rotational push-ups. Start in perfect push-up position. Hands should be about shoulder-width apart, right underneath your shoulders. Your body should be in a perfectly straight line, from your heels to the top of your head. Do a push-up, then while keeping your feet in place, twist your torso to the right and lift your right arm straight above your body so your left and right arm are in a perfect line. Return to starting position. Repeat and alternate your left and right sides

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This workout is just one out of an infinite number of amazing quick workouts that you can definitely do indoors. The key here is to rest at least a minute in between workouts so your body recovers better and your energy is sustained until your next day’s adventure.

Written by Amanda Virrey

Amanda Virrey is a free-spirit who loves to experience and write about the sweetness of life with her young daughter in places, food, events and people, far and wide, never getting old, but always staying young, fit and happy.

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