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9 Restaurants To Add To Your Bucket List When In Dumaguete City


9 Must-Try Restaurants in Dumaguete City

When I ask tourists about the things that they love about Dumaguete, I get a lot of answers – great beaches, friendly people, historic spots, etc. The most common answer, however, is good food at very affordable prices.

Spicy Spareribs
Spicy Spareribs

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I’m not sure what you think is “affordable”, but this I can tell you: if you have P100 or less than $3 in your pocket, you’re sure to find a place in Dumaguete where you can leave feeling bloated from food coma.

Being a local myself, I’m proud to say that there are food places in Dumaguete that I can’t find anywhere else. For example, there’s this pizza place that serves unique pizza flavors – something I can’t find here in Cebu, even when there’s more than a hundred pizza houses in the city.

Paco Salad
Paco Salad

So today, let me give you a quick run-down to the must-visit restaurants / food places in the city of gentle people – Dumaguete City!

Neva’s Pizza, atbp.

Address: Hibbard Avenue corner Amigo Subdivision, Piapi, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
Telephone: (035) 226 2580

Let’s start with the pizza place I was talking about above. The name is Neva’s Pizza, atbp. Every Dumagueteño knows this place. I know it could be quite a stretch to say that everyone has dined here, but that’s not very impossible really.

My favorite here is Sunny-side-up Pizza. This is a combo of meat, bacon, and egg… cooked in a way that’s not very visually appealing for some, but definitely worth trying out! They also have this so called “kuripot” pizzas, coined especially for those who are low on funds.

Jo’s Chicken Inato

Dumaguete’s counterpart to Bacolod’s Chicken Inasal – Jo’s Chicken Inato can surely satisfy your grilled chicken cravings. One of the difference Jo’s has to Bacolod Inasal is the taste.

Chicken Inato
Chicken Inato

While the chicken remains to be very juicy, the sauce Jo’s uses is on the sweet side. It’s a marriage of sweet and salty that you should never miss when visiting Dumaguete. Bonus: the restaurant offers unli-rice options, so wear something comfy and dig in!

Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries

If you’ve heard of the terms “Sans rival” and “Silvanas,” chances are you or someone you know have been to Dumaguete City.

Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries
Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries

Dubbed as the best dessert cafe in the city, Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries has made a lot of local and foreign customers coming back for more. My personal favorite is Sylvanas and their take on another popular dessert called “Black Sambo” which is a mix of chocolate and milk in gelatin form.

Today, Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries has expanded their offers to snacks and full meals.

Gabby’s Bistro

One word: OOTD. Gabby’s Bistro is one of the best-decorated restaurants in the city. They offer a variety of European and Filipino dishes. Ranging from P200 – P400, you’ll get your orders in large portions. You can choose from steaks, grilled chicken, beef, fish, salad, sandwiches, and other menu items.

Mini Chocolate Beehives
Mini Chocolate Beehives

Although it’s quite far from the city, a 15 drive to Gabby’s Bistro is worth your time and money.

Restaurant KRI

Found along Silliman Ave. KRI, is one of the new (and kind of high-end) restaurants found in the city. The place can only fit about 15 – 25 people (yes it’s small), which is why it’s always fully booked. One of their best offers are Blue Cheese Burger and cream pasta. My friends actually go back to this restaurant only because of these two items.

Mixed Greens from Restaurant Kri (photo from FB)
Mixed Greens from Restaurant Kri (photo from FB)

Although a bit pricy, some of the menu items in this restaurant are worth coming back for. A suggestion though: don’t order pork chops here because the serving is quite small for its price.

2Storey Kitchen

I’ve only recently tried this restaurant when I went home last month. Korean cafes with kawaii motifs – bunk beds / stalls, bright paints, wallpapers, post-its, etc – have been quite successful in pursuing the food industry in the Philippine market, and Two Storey Kitchen definitely makes the cut.

Deok Boki (photo from 2Story Kitchen FB)
Deok Boki (photo from 2Story Kitchen FB)

Owned by Korean nationals, Two Storey Kitchen offers a variety of coffee and non-coffee based beverages, along with some Filipino and Korean dishes. I only ordered frappucino when I went there, but I was very impressed to say that it tasted the way I wanted it to – creamy but does not overpower the coffee.

Pasta King

If you want to get a quick pasta fix in the city, one of the places to go is Pasta King. Unlike other similar restaurants, Pasta King offers a variety of options with very affordable prices. In fact, the P100 deal I mentioned above applies here.

Seafood Pizza (photo from Pasta King FB)
Seafood Pizza (photo from Pasta King FB)

For only P99 pesos, you can order a pasta meal good for one person, complete with the garlic bread that goes along with the cream filling.

Tarbush Shawarma

One of the newest chow places in the city, Tarbush Shawarma promises to offer the complete experience – best kind of beef, rich sauces, and a variety of toppings to choose from. I ordered chubby chicken when I was in their Dumaguete brand, and found their serving to be very flavorful. It was also not too spicy, just the way I like it.

Spicy Beef Shawarma (photo from Tarbush FB)
Spicy Beef Shawarma (photo from Tarbush FB)

I understand though that there are some who like to up the spiciness level on their orders, and I’m glad Tarbush has also made these options available in their menu.


Two viands, two cups of rice, 1 glass of juice, and 1 slice of cassava. Sounds good? Yes! Well, what if I tell you that you can get all these for just P100? Unbelievable but true! Foodnet are local’s best friend when it comes to affordable food. They offer a variety of home-cooked meals at very affordable prices.

Pork and Mushrooms (photo from Foodnet FB)
Pork and Mushrooms (photo from Foodnet FB)

Pro Tip: When ordering viands, don’t get the full order. Instead, get “half” order and save yourself some bucks. A lot of students and professionals do this trick simply because the full and half order usually only differs by 1 piece of meat.

So there you have it… 9 restaurants to add to your bucket list when in Dumaguete City! Let me know if you’ve tried dining at some of these places by leaving a comment below. For more Dumaguete (and Cebu) travel tips, you may visit Two Way Travels or stay tuned for more of my guest posts here. Enjoy!



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